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"Good Tubbin'"
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Season: Six — Episode: 6
Director: Robert de Lint — Writer: Kevin White — Aired: November 24, 2008 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: Lacey's excited about Oscar and Emma's hot tub party until she discovers she is the only guest. Davis charms Dog River as their new safety mascot, until Karen dons the suit. Brent tries to discover where Hank is staying after damage to Hank's house leaves him homeless.


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No one came, did they? 'Cause they know you're creepy, frisky tubbers!
— Lacey to Emma and Oscar
In the backyard of the Leroy's, Brent finds Emma and Oscar in their new hot tub. He refuses their invitation to come in, especially after learning Oscar's wearing his underwear. At the Police station, Mayor Fitzy shows Davis and Karen the costume of "Safety Pete" to promote Safety Week in Dog River. Davis insists on being the one to wear it which Karen is only too glad to concede. Hank arrives at Corner Gas with a duffel bag, getting Wanda's hopes up that he's moving. However, he's just looking for a place to stay, having driven his truck through the kitchen at his house. At the Ruby Cafe, Emma and Oscar effuse about their tub and invite Lacey to a party in it. At Corner Gas, Hank indicates he's found a place to stay but Brent thinks it's a ploy to stay at his house.

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Are you sure you won't do this?
Preparing for a show outside the Police station, Davis tells Karen he's not going to speak when dressed as Safety Pete. Davis performs to a small crowd, amusing the children with his dancing and hand shakes. At Corner Gas, Brent tells Wanda he's concerned about where Hank is staying. Having asked many townsfolk including Helen and Jane, he's astonished when Wanda says Hank's staying with her. At the Leroy's, Lacey finds everyone's left and she's the only guest. Getting into the hot tub, she's repulsed as Emma and Oscar get frisky with each other. The next day at the Ruby, Emma and Oscar mention it got "hot" in the tub which embarrasses Lacey and sends Brent to the exit. Lacey makes an excuse she can't tub that evening before Oscar says the tub will be vacant, which Karen then plans to use for a party.

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Well, maybe it's not a jet.
At the Police station with Davis away, Fitzy grabs a reluctant Karen to do a Safety Pete show at the school. At Corner Gas, Wanda scolds Hank for leaving his toiletries in the bathroom as Brent will discover he's really sleeping at the station. Hank blames not being able to turn the lights on at night as the reason he washed the floor with apple juice, to repay Wanda for letting him stay there. When Brent arrives and notices the sticky floor, Hank and Wanda make awkward excuses why Hank is going to wash the floor which arouses Brent's suspicions. At the Ruby, Davis feels inadequate after learning that Karen did acrobatics as Safety Pete, which Fitzy lauds. Brent takes Hank for a drive and surprises Wanda at her house. Doubting Hank is staying there, he asks many questions and rushing into the living room, is disappointed to find a sleeping bag on the couch.

Oh, I'm sorry. Did you "ah-ha" something?
At the Ruby, Lacey tries to invite herself to Karen's party but hearing that Lacey likes watching other people fool around in the tub, Karen refuses. Davis performs as Safety Pete in front of the Foo Mart but unable to do flips, he's booed by the crowd. To Davis' disappointment, Fitzy tells him that Karen will don the costume from now on. Karen arrives at the Leroy's hot tub with a group of friends to find Lacey already in it. Lacey indicates she has an upset stomach so Karen and company depart, leaving Lacey to enjoy the tub alone. At Corner Gas, a customer has found pyjamas and slippers behind the magazine rack. Recognizing them, Brent confronts Hank on Centennial Street and reveals he knows Hank's sleeping at the station. Emma and Oscar return home early, find Lacey in the hot tub and join her.

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Don't really want to take a chance.
Lacey won't refute Emma's feeling that people don't like tubbing with them and she gets more concerned when Oscar drinks some of the Peptol-Bismol she brought to scare off Karen. In front of the Post Office, Karen does another show to the roar of the crowd. Davis announces that Safety Pete doing flips isn't very safe but is told to be quiet. At the Ruby, Wanda's already heard about Lacey tubbing with the Leroy's and says the rumour is Lacey likes it. Emma and Oscar arrive and call Lacey weird for chasing Karen away. Lacey counters that they're creepy and is told not to come to a party that evening, while Wanda mimics porn music. Beside the Police station, Fitzy catches a jealous Davis practising cartwheels and tells him that Karen has another show to do.

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That's awesome!
At Corner Gas, Hank tells Brent he didn't ask to stay at his place as he was embarrassed. Forcing Wanda's hand, Brent takes Hank to her place and stays until late. A sleepy Hank crashes on the couch and seeing Wanda's discomfort, Brent leaves but says he's going to sit in his car outside her house. No one comes to the Leroy's party except Lacey who tells them it's because of their creepiness in the tub. After calling her weird, they invite her in, which she accepts. Having fallen asleep in a chair beside Hank, Wanda wakes up and sees Brent's car is gone. Waking Hank, she takes him to Corner Gas as he doesn't have a key. Stumbling in the dark, the lights are flipped on by Brent who tells Wanda he knows she been lying about Hank staying at her house.

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I can sleep through anything.
Brent insists Hank can't sleep at the station so he heads to the Ruby. The next day, Fitzy and a happy crowd watch Safety Pete perform cartwheels. A kid asks for Pete to do flips just as Karen arrives. Fitzy curses, thinking it was Karen in the suit but it's Davis. Davis uncovers a springboard and pummel horse which causes Karen to warn Davis he's going to hurt himself. Jane silences Karen, saying she's wrecking the show. Davis runs, hits the springboard, flies through the air and crashes into the end of the pummel horse. Screaming in pain and swearing loudly, Karen covers for Davis by explaining it's a demonstration of an unsafe act. From the police cruiser, Hank sticks out his head and yells for everyone to be quiet, as he's trying to sleep.

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Hey, Safety Pete does talk.


  • Hank previously couldn't live at his house when asbestos was being replaced in it in 2005. ("Doc Small")
  • Although Mike Simpson who portrays Wade is credited as "No Denizen 1", it's clearly Kenn McLeod who also portrays "Safety Show Adult 2."
  • The Juice Customer is the father of Kyle. ("Just Brent and His Shadow")
  • Jackass!: Oscar says it twice to Brent. Once when Brent plays dumb that his parents have a hot tub and again when Brent asks Oscar if Hank is staying at the Leroy's.


"Well, I'm more of a shower-guy. Shower alone type of guy. More of a not bath with my parents type of guy."


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