S06E18-F on lawn

"Get the F Off My Lawn"
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Season: Six — Episode: 18
Director: David Storey — Writer: Norm Hiscock & Kevin White — Aired: April 6, 2009 — Viewers (millions): 1.73
Summary: Lacey and Davis are on the hunt after two of the letters on the Ruby's "CAFE" sign are blown off during a bad windstorm. Wanda's demands for more rights at Corner Gas lead to unexpected opportunities for Hank and more headaches for Brent. Oscar worries about Emma after Karen's pick in a jam contest.


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No more service, no more gas, while Brent sits around scratching his...
— Wanda
At the Ruby Cafe, as Lacey talks about the windstorm the previous evening, Oscar keeps topping her stories until Emma stops him. Hank arrives and asking Lacey where her "F 'n E" is, she thinks he's swearing. Taking her outside, he points out that the storm blew away the "F and E" from the "CAFE" sign on top of the Ruby. As Lacey wonders out loud what happened to the letters, a lady who overhears her thinks Lacey's swearing and decides to not eat at the restaurant. At Corner Gas, Wanda complains to Brent that Hank has a parking spot while she doesn't and is then miffed that her stool is wobbly. Outside the Ruby, Davis deduces that someone took the letters after they blew off and exasperates Lacey by suggesting she change the sign. She insists he find the F and E.

S06E18-Ruby no FE
Where's my F 'n E?
At the Police station, Mayor Fitzy asks Karen to judge a jam contest. Begging off being the judge himself, he lies that he bit his tongue when he really stuck it in a fan on a bet with Hank. Karen's tired of all the contests in town but Fitzy assures her it'll be easy, as Emma's won for 15 years in a row. At Corner Gas, Wanda gives Brent a list demanding better working conditions. He feebly tries to point out the positives of working at the station and to fix her stool, he puts a wad of paper under one of its legs. In front of the Hotel, Davis and Lacey ask Brent if he's seen the missing letters. He did see an "F" blowing away in the storm but Lacey wonders if it was a broken "E."

S06E18-Fitzy Hank
Easy money.
At the Leroy's, Oscar gets dressed in preparation for Emma winning the jam contest again. She maligns Oscar hogging the spotlight when the picture of her winning is taken for the Howler each year. At the Corner Gas pumps, Brent finds Wanda's gone on strike and is marching and chanting while stepping on the gas hose. Brent says no one is there to see her and steps on the ding hose as Wanda swears at him.

S06E18-Wanda strike
I demand indemnification.
At the Leroy's, Emma and Oscar see some kids with the "F" on their lawn. Lacey arrives where Davis has placed a sheet on the "F" and dramatically reveals it to her, like a body on a crime scene. At the Town Hall, Karen acts as judge for the jam contest and initially picks Mertyl's jam, before saying she's joking. Karen declares Emma the winner but the jam she picked is Helen's. Oscar tries to horn in on the photo for the Howler but is denied by Helen.

S06E18-Helen wins
You're not getting in the picture.
With the "F" back up on the Ruby, Lacey calls a sign shop who are all out of E's, due to the storm. She settles on a "W" which she thinks will suffice if turned sideways. At the pumps, Wanda is shooed out of the way by Brad Wall, who wants to get some gas. As she insults him for not caring about her situation, she discovers that Hank is serving Wall. Angry with Brent for hiring a scab, Brent's perturbed that Wanda helped Hank figure out he should get paid for the work. At the Ruby, Oscar expresses his disgust with Karen's judging which Lacey supports, saying she would've picked Emma's jam. However, Emma says she's fine with Karen's decision.

S06E18-Brad Wall
Get out of the way.

Davis puts up the sideways "W" on the Ruby which Wanda jokes makes the cafe look like a Greek restaurant. Two young men think the Ruby is a sorority house and plan a panty raid, prompting Lacey to tell Davis to take the "W" down. At the Leroy's, Oscar eats Emma's jam and lauds its taste to Emma. However, Emma stares out the window while washing the dishes and in a daze, drops each dish on the floor, smashing them. At Corner Gas, Brent doesn't know where the cleaning supplies and inventory sheets are so can't get Hank to do any work. Brent asks Wanda where the items are as she marches outside but she refuses to tell him. At the Leroy's, Oscar sets the table using paper plates and Emma apologizes for smashing the dishes. Insisting she's fine, Oscar looks out the window where Emma's destroyed the garden.

S06E18-Davis on roof
How's that look?

S06E18-Oscar bad jam
I've married Cujo.

Outside Corner Gas, Wanda hears that Brent is abusing Hank and advises him to stand up to Brent. Hank's too scared and responds to Brent's call to play Marco Polo where Hank gets hit with a broom. At the Ruby, a paper boy tells Lacey he saw her "E" in Davis' garage. Heading there, Lacey doesn't believe that Davis made the "E" for her, thinking he hid the lost one. She scolds a hurt Davis and then asks for his help taking the "E" to the Ruby. At Corner Gas, Brent accidentally hits Oscar with a broom while playing Marco Polo and finds Hank's now striking with Wanda. Hank chants letters but doesn't know they're supposed to spell a word.

S06E18-Lacey w E
You should be embarrassed, with a capital E.
At the Ruby with Emma, Oscar interrupts both Lacey and Karen as they're about to say "jam" and replaces the word. Emma calmly excuses herself to use the bathroom and Oscar fearfully explains that Emma's gone crazy since she lost the jam contest. Pleading for their help, Karen and Lacey don't believe Oscar and make fun of him as he's called away by Emma. However, they change their minds when they see that Emma's made a huge mess in the bathroom. Pressured by Lacey, Karen vows to resolve the situation. In front of the Ruby, a farmer brings Lacey the missing "E" which he said killed two of his chickens. Lacey realizes Davis did make her a new "E" and tells the farmer to take the old one to the dump.

S06E18-CG bathroom
Emma did this?
At the Ruby, Karen has Emma taste two jams from the contest. With Josh, Helen and some patrons looking on, Emma picks the jam Karen did. Karen is jubilant until Emma accuses Helen of using her recipe. Helen confesses, sick of seeing Emma winning every year, and offers herself up for arrest to Karen. Karen scoffs while Oscar declares Emma the winner and the patrons takes pictures of Emma with the first prize ribbon. Lacey heads to Davis', apologizes and then tricks him into coming to the Ruby to install his "E." At Corner Gas, after a kid spills a drink and Brent can't get him or his mother to clean it up, he meets with Hank and Wanda at the Ruby to end their strike. Wanda presents a list of demands which Brent takes exception to as Wanda doesn't want to stock shelves or deal with customers.

S06E18-Emma ribbon
Someone get a shot of this.
She settles for a new stool and a parking spot. Hank also has a list which Brent has issue with, as it would mean not hitting Hank with a broom anymore. Brent lets Hank quit and there's no hard feelings as he says he'll see him at the Hotel bar later. Brent agrees to letting Wanda hit Hank with a broom. On the roof of the Ruby, Davis' "E" is too small compared to the other letters and Lacey won't agree to moving the "E" forward or the other letters back. Davis suggests she look for the old "E" at the junkyard. Later, Lacey paws through the junk looking for the "E" and is scolded by the junkyard owner when she can't find it and swears. The same lady who refused to eat at the Ruby overhears Lacey's curse and leaves to take her junk elsewhere.

S06E18-Norm Hiscock
This is a family junkyard.


  • Hank mentions Doc Russell, who gave Oscar handicapped license plates. ("Fun Run")
  • Wanda makes a reference to Zorba.
  • Karen mentions Worts Road, named after writer Dylan Worts.
  • Writer and story editor Andrew Carr appears as "Sign Shop Guy." Producer Norm Hiscock portrays the "Junkyard Guy" whose business is called "Norm's Junkyard."


"What is with this town and contests?"
―Karen to Fitzy
"Take it down before my customer's panties get raided!"
"Please, change your mind. Say you picked the wrong jam, declare a mis-taste. My life is in danger."
―Oscar to Karen


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