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"Game, Set and Mouse"
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Season: Five — Episode: 9
Director: David Storey — Writer: Brent Butt — Aired: January 21, 2008 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: When a mouse finds its way into Corner Gas, Oscar makes it his mission to capture and kill it which Davis tries to prevent. Karen and Emma compete to heal Wanda's injured back while Brent and Hank invent a new game that Lacey ruins.


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I'm going out to buy some different traps. If you see that mouse, don't kill it. It's between him and me now. It's personal!
— Oscar
At the Hotel bar, Hank and Brent realize they've run out of things to talk about. The next day at Corner Gas, Oscar sees a mouse run across the floor but Hank and Brent are doubtful Oscar saw one. At the Ruby Cafe, Brent and Hank tell Lacey that they invented a game. As they describe it, Lacey points out it sounds exactly like Trivial Pursuit. Hank and Brent claim to have never heard of it. At Corner Gas, Oscar moves a set of shelves, looking for the mouse. Wanda complains about her sore back but Oscar's too engrossed to listen to her. At the Ruby, Brent and Hank continue to deny knowing about Trivial Pursuit and tease Lacey when she becomes frustrated with them. Finding Wanda face down on the Corner Gas counter, Karen cracks Wanda's back causing her to cry out in pain.

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She's copying our game.
In front of the Foo Mart, Davis is concerned to see Oscar buying mouse traps and implores him to use humane traps. At the Ruby, Lacey shows Brent and Hank her copy of Trivial Pursuit. They believe she had it custom-made and grouse about her stealing their idea. Davis continues to try and evoke empathy in Oscar for animals and relates he healed an owl that he named "Hooty." Oscar isn't moved and negatively calls Davis an animal lover. In front of the Post Office, Emma finds Wanda still in pain and learns of Karen's physio attempt on her. Emma convinces Wanda to try her home-made paste which Karen decries as a hillbilly mud pack. At the Leroy's, Karen witnesses Emma applying the paste to Wanda's back. Wanda yells out that the "goop" burns and she develops blotches all over her body.

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It feels like you're welding my spine!
At the Ruby, Karen sees Lacey's Trivial Pursuit set and mentions that Brent's had parties featuring the game. At Corner Gas, Emma tries to get Wanda to try another remedy so she fakes that Emma's paste healed her back. Brent overhears and leaves for the Ruby while Wanda agrees with Emma that Karen's back cracking damaged her. Later at the Ruby, Wanda lies again, this time to Karen, credits her back cracking for curing her and puts down Emma's paste. Brent again overhears Wanda effusing that her back is in great shape. At Corner Gas, Oscar shows Davis that he's planning to bait the mouse traps with hard candy. Using a bread stick, Davis distracts Oscar and shows him what the trap will do to the mouse. Going back to the traps, Oscar finds the hard candy gone and concedes the mouse is clever.

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See, sad isn't it?
At the Ruby, Lacey confronts Brent and Hank that they've played Trivial Pursuit before. They finally admit it and tell Lacey that the game they actually invented involves seeing how long you can make someone believe something unbelievable. Lacey expresses her disgust with them and leaves in a huff. Outside the Police station, Emma and Karen argue about whose cure was worse according to Wanda. They head to Corner Gas and seeing that Wanda is still suffering, they blame each other's treatment for her condition. At the Ruby, Hank asks Lacey for vanilla ice cream and she fibs that she doesn't serve it as she's deathly allergic to it. Brent challenges her that she was eating some yesterday and Lacey exclaims that she got him to believe her lie. Brent and Hank are both confused while Lacey walks away in triumph.

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You need more practice at this.
At Corner Gas, Wanda lies on the floor as Oscar discovers that Davis has taken his mouse traps. At the Police station, Davis looks for the materials to construct a trap using a box and Karen tries cracking his back. At Corner Gas, Oscar tells Wanda he's going to get more traps and tells Wanda to leave killing the mouse to him. Wanda doubts there is one but once Oscar leaves, the mouse appears and climbs on top of her. As Davis leaves the Police station, he shows Emma his box trap and is surprised when Emma refers to Karen as "Officer Backcracker." Asking how she knew Karen cracked his back, Davis refuses Emma's paste treatment. At the Ruby, Lacey continues to tell random fibs and yells that she got Brent and Hank when they show the slightest acknowledgement. Hank tells Brent they need to stop her.

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Did you just pee on me?
At the Leroy's, Emma's made another batch of paste which Oscar refuses to try. Emma puts it on her wrist and is quickly in agony. In front of the Foo Mart, Karen sees Emma's burnt wrist and pokes fun at her hillbilly remedy. Davis asks Karen to get out of the cruiser but she can't as she hurt her back cracking Davis' back. Emma overhears and delights in Karen's plight. With Wanda now on the Corner Gas counter, Davis arrives with his box trap and finds Oscar's set up the game Mouse Trap. After they leave, Lacey arrives and is concerned to see Wanda's condition. She makes a point of repeating that anyone who'd allow an untrained person to treat their back is a moron. Returning to the Ruby where Josh is cooking, Lacey tells Brent and Hank that Wanda's back is hurt and asks them to watch over her while she calls a doctor.

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I burned it making toast.
Brent and Hank think Lacey's still playing their game, especially since Brent's overheard Wanda bragging how healthy her back is. Davis and Oscar return to the station, where the box trap has caught the mouse. Oscar wants to kill it but eventually agrees to let it loose outside of Dog River, since it's so clever. Davis and Oscar leave before Brent and Hank arrive to confront Wanda. Wanda admits she lied about her back but not convinced, the guys grab her by the feet and hands and give her "the bump." Lacey arrives, yells at them to stop and insists she's not playing the game. Realizing Lacey is serious, Brent and Hank are terrified Wanda will exact revenge but luckily, "the bump" helped Wanda's back. Brent starts to lie he studied in Tibet and Lacey tells him to shut up. Outside town, Davis and Oscar release the mouse who is immediately caught by Hooty the owl.

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13, 14, 15...


  • Brent's comments to Oscar about the mouse having boxing gloves on and Brent saying "Oh, Father" are references to the classic Warner Brothers cartoons with Hippety Hopper.
  • On Centennial Street, as Davis talks to Oscar about nursing an owl back to health, a set of gas pumps can be seen behind him, which aren't those at Corner Gas. Brent's mentioned several times that his station is the only one in town. ("Tax Man") ("Buzz Driver")
  • This is one of two episodes in the series that has no speaking roles outside of the Main Characters. "Two Degrees of Separation" is the other.
  • Warren Bates is credited as "Need a Hand Customer" but doesn't appear.
  • Jackass!: Oscar says it twice, once to Hank for questioning that he saw a mouse in Corner Gas and once to Davis after he takes Oscar's mouse traps.


"Now, this is how a pro works Karen. You take three dollops of goop and spread it evenly like spaghetti sauce."


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