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"Fun Run"
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Season: Three — Episode: 7
Director: David Storey — Writer: Mark Farrell & Kevin White — Aired: October 31, 2005 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: Lacey and Wanda start a running group to train for a 10km fun run, but are thrown off when Brent joins. Hank takes his new crossing guard job too seriously and Oscar gets treated differently by everyone in town when he scams handicap plates for his car.


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Lacey's kinda slow.
— Wanda
Brent interrupts Prime Minister Paul Martin while he's addressing the nation, complains he's taking up the only time slot he gets on TV and suggests Martin email everyone instead. While watching the crossing guard, Pete Stevens, Hank decides he wants to help the community. Oscar parks in the handicapped space in front of the Post Office and reminds Emma that he fooled Doc Russell into giving him handicapped plates by faking a sore back. At Corner Gas, Hank tells Brent and Karen that he's volunteered to be the new crossing guard as Stevens is retiring. Commenting how good Stevens was to school children, he's seen taking an order to buy booze for a group of teens. Oscar takes Stevens' place but charges the teens more.

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I like the way you think.
At the Ruby Cafe, Lacey learns that Wanda is training for Dog River's 10km Fun Run. Lacey offers to run with Wanda but discovers that Wanda is much faster than she is. Davis learns about Oscar's handicapped plates and rues he can't get any though he tried to fool Doc Russell. At Corner Gas, to Brent's embarrassment, Hank practices being a crossing guard at the pumps in front of a customer's car. Watching Oscar park in the handicapped spot at the Ruby, Karen thinks he's faking a condition. Oscar happily announces his condition which Wanda isn't sympathetic too, but Lacey is and dotes on Oscar. Brent stops Hank's practicing at the pumps. To prove Oscar is faking, Karen yells at him, scaring Helen but Wanda points out it only proves Oscar isn't deaf. Lacey scolds Karen.

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Clearly you have the gift.
At the Elementary School, Hank barely passes the simple crossing guard test. At Corner Gas, Oscar tells Brent he parked in the handicapped spot at a bakery, even though he didn't buy anything, and professes his love of the plates. During Hank's first day on the job, he tries to help Emma cross the street even though she's going in a different direction. While preparing for a run with Wanda, who always listens to music, Lacey tells her that she can't run and listen to Jann Arden. This is interpreted that Arden would complain a lot if she ran with Lacey. Lacey can't get Brent to join her running club but Karen does. While running, Lacey is much slower than Karen and Wanda. At the Liquor store, Wes and Davis treat Oscar as if he's enfeebled. Oscar protests when Davis helps carry his bag of liquor outside, which was for the teens, who think Davis is arresting Oscar.

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Then I got a sinus infection...
Trying to park at a mall in Regina, Emma can't find a spot and finally gives into using a handicapped one. She fakes a limp when leaving the car. At Corner Gas, as Lacey and Wanda talk about the benefits of running, they try finally convince Brent to join them. The next morning, Brent drives his car behind Karen and Wanda while they jog and Lacey trails behind. While on duty, Hank tells Oscar he heard he's mentally handicapped. Oscar refutes this but accepts Hank helping him cross the street, as long as he's treated like everyone else. Hank makes a loud, patronizing announcement while helping Oscar cross, embarrassing him. In Regina, Emma shops at many stores and enjoys the easy parking. At the Ruby, Davis overhears what Brent is doing with the running club and joins him for a ride.

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I'm glad you have the plates.
Hank joins the club for the ride in Brent's car and he, Brent and Davis plan to follow the ladies at the Fun Run. At the Leroy's, Oscar's miffed that everyone in town thinks he's a geezer. Emma pokes fun at him until he insists he's returning the handicapped plates. She doesn't want him to and shows concern for his back. However, Oscar sees how much she bought while shopping. While on duty, Hank tries to treat Karen as a peer and gives her a list of cars that were speeding in the school zone, including Karen's. Karen advises him to leave police work alone and Lacey notices that Karen is missing her police badge. Karen looks for her badge at Corner Gas and remembering a time she almost lost her weapon, Davis tells her the only worse thing is losing her badge.

I'm glad you guys talked me into this.
At the Fun Run, in order to show he's not infirmed, Oscar insists on running the race with Lacey and Wanda. Wanda warns Oscar that Lacey is slow and she shouts out that she's faster than a lame old man. Everyone stops and stares at her until she apologizes. Having found Karen's badge, Hank gives it to her and acknowledging her lack of respect for him, says he still respects her. Well into the race, Lacey is struggling while in Brent's car, Davis, Hank, Brent and Doc Russell encourage her. Brent's car starts overheating, due to driving slow, so he has to leave Lacey behind. Hank sees some kids wanting to cross the street and hesitates whether he should help them or not. He finally tells Brent to stop the car and helps the kids cross.

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Just try and keep up, okay?
Oscar is the second last person to cross the finish line, where he's helped by Mayor Fitzy and Alice, who admire his courage. He insists he's able-bodied while being helped away. Lacey finishes last but no one is there to help her. At the Ruby, Karen apologizes to Hank while he says he's quitting being a crossing guard as he hesitated when the kids needed his help. At Corner Gas, Oscar shows Brent his medal for finishing first in his age group in the race and proudly says no one can feel sorry for him anymore. Emma's ticked that Oscar returned the handicapped plates while Lacey says that the running club disbanded. However, Karen and Wanda are still running together and are glad that slow Lacey quit. Jann Arden joins them but once she finds they've heard her story about a tour, she runs ahead of them.

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You guys motivate me so much.



"Being disabled, best thing that ever happened to me."


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