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"Full Load"
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Season: Six — Episode: 1
Director: Don McCutcheon — Writer: Brent Butt — Aired: October 13, 2008 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: When Brent enters a reluctant Lacey into an eating contest, it tarnishes his reputation and results in a very offended Davis. At the Leroy's, Emma's new MP3 player allows Oscar to get away with too much. Karen's auctioneering experience pits Hank and Wanda in a battle of vehicles.


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How about a big hand for this year's perogie pig, Lacey Burrows! Oink, oink, oink.
— Fitzy
On Centennial Street, Davis pulls Hank over as his tail light's broken. Despite having told him to get it fixed many times, Hank shows ambivalence so Davis impounds his truck. At the Leroy's, Brent gives Emma his old MP3 player. She doesn't understand how it works but once Brent shows her, she takes to it quickly. At the Police station, Karen's holding an auction for items the police have confiscated but gets confused over the lots which irks Wanda. At the Ruby Cafe, Davis arrives with perogies he made for an eating contest. Lacey learns that Brent isn't allowed to enter, due to his prowess, but he entered her in his place. Davis laughs at Lacey's chances to win and she refuses to participate, grossed out by the thought of rapid eating and the mess.

S06E01-Davis perogies.jpg
Here are the perogies.
At the Leroy's, Oscar complains when Emma serves him salad only. Emma's listening to her MP3 player, doesn't hear Oscar and yells about the salad and her enthusiasm for the player. At the Ruby, the eating contest entrants are lined up at the counter. Lacey's there too but refuses to participate until egged on by the entrant beside her. Mayor Fitzy starts the contest and Lacey chows down. At the Leroy's, Oscar realizes Emma can't hear him when she's listening to the MP3 player. Telling her he's going off the salad diet, she doesn't respond, so he has a sandwich and pie. At the Ruby, to everyone's surprise, Lacey wins the contest. Brent shows his admiration for her but Lacey refuses to put on the pig nose presented to her by Fitzy.

S06E01-Lacey eats.jpg
Bring it on!
In front of the Police station, Hank shows Davis and Karen his new tail light and asks for his truck back. He's told Karen sold it and sees Wanda drive off in it after chiding Hank. At the Ruby, Brent continues to compliment Lacey's eating ability while Davis, hurt that Lacey didn't taste the perogies, says he's never making any for a contest again. At the Post Office, Wanda pulls up in Hank's truck and makes fun of Hank having to walk. He tries to get his truck back but can't afford the $14 Wanda paid for it at the auction. Wanda teases Hank and patronizes him when he tries to tell her how to take care of "his baby." At the Leroy's, Oscar tells Emma he's going to eat a jar of jam but she can't hear him with her headphones on.

S06E01-Post Office Hank.jpg
Johnny Walker.
At Corner Gas, Brent tells Oscar about Lacey's win. She arrives and Oscar opines that perhaps Lacey can out-eat Brent. Brent guffaws while Lacey mischievously says it'll remain a mystery. In front of the Foo Mart, Karen sees Emma listening to her player and crooning to a country song. Getting her to take the headphones off, Karen offers to put some modern music on the player. Hank arrives and expresses his anger that Karen sold his truck. At the Ruby, Brent challenges Lacey to an eating contest which she playfully refuses. Indicating he's already lined up Helen to make the perogies, Davis is hurt he wasn't asked to make them. Brent and Lacey remind him that he whined he'd never cook for a contest again.

S06E01-Karen Emma.jpg
You can't heal a broken heart...
Wanda drives by Hank and ribs him again about having to walk. Karen yells at Wanda to stop it, which just evokes laughter from her. At Corner Gas, Brent is concerned when he hears Emma sing some lewd lyrics from the songs Karen's put on the player. Brent warns her that she shouldn't be repeating phrases she doesn't understand the meaning of. In front of the Hotel, Karen pulls Wanda over and says that she impounded her car. Having received Wanda's wallet and the keys to her car from Brent, Wanda can't pay the fine. Hank pulls up in Wanda's car and Karen informs her that he's the new owner. Hank grins with satisfaction and tooting the horn, drives away. At the Hotel bar, a buddy of Oscar's proposes playing poker which Brian bows out of.

S06E01-Oscar Brian and guys.jpg
We can even do it at my place.
Calling Emma at home to give her a chance to say no to hosting the game, she doesn't hear the phone as she's listening to the player. Oscar tells the guys they can go to his place. At the Ruby as Josh cooks, Brent gets Lacey to agree to an eating contest in exchange for him shingling the cafe's roof, if she can beat him. At the Leroy's, Oscar is losing badly at poker so he tries to end the game by indicating Emma will be angered if it continues. One of the guys calls out to Emma if she wants it to end but listening to the player, she doesn't answer, so the game continues. At the Corner Gas pumps, Brent asks Karen to not put any more rap music on Emma's player while unsuccessfully trying to be cool about it.

S06E01-Lacey pig nose.jpg
Remember, it's me who's got the nose.
On Centennial Street, Wanda gets Hank's goat by showing him that she's hanging an air freshener of a male model in the truck and, that she's put flower stickers on the door. Hank counters with threats of hauling manure and sleeping naked in her car. At the Police station, Karen plays more rap music for Emma until Brent calls, asking her not to. Protesting that it's not harming Emma, Karen changes her mind when Emma starts using phrases she's heard in the songs. Wanda blocks Hank and they continue their threat war. Davis enters Helen's house and finds her cooking the perogies for the eating contest. Speaking ominously, Helen's not frightened so Davis tries a different tactic to get her to not provide the food.

S06E01-Wanda flowers.jpg
What, this wasn't here before?
As Wanda and Hank are blocking traffic, Karen proposes they swap keys but Hank thinks she means one of them gets the police cruiser. At the Ruby, Lacey lies that she made six chili dogs by accident and in front of Brent, motions that she's going to throw them away. Despite knowing Lacey's trying to fill him up before the contest, Brent offers to eat the dogs. Having straightened things out between Hank and Wanda, Karen watches Hank drive away in his truck. As he does, Wanda smashes Hank's tail light with Karen's night stick. At the Ruby, Fitzy informs Brent and Lacey that Helen called and won't be making the perogies. In exchange for not making the perogies, Davis allows Helen to park wherever she wants. She parks her car next to a hydrant on someone's lawn.

S06E01-Helen car.jpg
Davis says I can park wherever I want.
At the Ruby, Brent's glad the contest had been postponed despite Lacey indicating she's the winner by default. However, Davis arrives with the perogies so Fitzy starts the contest. Brent wins easily, finishing his bowlful in 4.6 seconds, which he considers a mediocre time and blames the chili dogs he ate earlier. Davis is pleased when Brent mentions tasting an herb added to the perogie butter but Lacey is turned off when Brent offers to finish her bowl of perogies. At the Leroy's, Oscar pleads with Emma to stop him from eating a box of fudge but she's listening to the player. She then takes the headphones off and offering Oscar a plate of nachos, she indicates she made it since he's stuck to his diet. Later, in the field across from the Leroy's, Brent and Oscar smash the MP3 player and bury it.

S06E01-Brent Oscar bury.jpg
How's that for backing your junk into the trunk?


  • Corey Livingstone, who portrays Lacey's competitor in the eating contest, also challenged Brent to a race. ("Hair Comes the Judge")
  • Oscar's buddy is Terry, who asked Emma to find water on his farm but Brent found an old sewage tank instead. ("Top Gum")


"I have never been more attracted to you than I am right now."
―Brent to Lacey
"Who would have thought that inside that skinny, little frame lived the heart of a giant, gluttonous porker."
―Brent to Lacey
"I hate this town."


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