Fred Logo 01.jpg Bingo Caller

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Frank Adamson
First Appearance: "Bingo Night"
Episode Count: 1
Fred sucks.
— Delores, "Bingo Night".

Fred is an elderly man who calls bingo at the Town Hall in a slow and monotone voice, to the displeasure of those at bingo night.


Season 2

At the Town Hall, as Fred slowly calls bingo numbers, Wanda arrives and sits beside avid player Emma. As Emma yells out the number she needs for bingo, Fred drops the next ball and falls backwards off a platform. Mayor Fitzy arrives to see Fred wheeled out by paramedics and asks for another bingo caller, believing Fred is too injured to ever return. Emma forces Wanda to become the caller. Emma calls out the number she needs for bingo, which is seen on the bottom of Fred's shoe as he's driven away in an ambulance and she loses the game. Wanda is very popular with the bingo players but Emma doesn't win when she's calling.

S02E09-Fred calling.jpg
Under the B...7.
Emma visits Fred at his house where Fred, who is in several casts, is in constant pain. Asking when he's coming back to call bingo, Fred reveals he has a crush on Emma and cheated at bingo so she could win. Nonplussed, Emma asks when he can come back. With Wanda calling, the bingo hall is packed and an enthused Fitzy anticipating raising money for charity. Just then, Fred hobbles into the hall on crutches. Later, Fred calls the bingo numbers to a nearly empty hall. Wanda's perturbed until Emma lies that calling bingo is Fred's passion. Feeling selfish, Wanda apologizes. The next number Fred calls results in Emma winning. ("Bingo Night")

S02E09-At Freds house.jpg
I'm in too much pain.
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