Francine Logo 01.jpg Club President

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Karen Von Staden
First Appearance: "Hair Comes the Judge"
Family: Kyle (son)
Episode Count: 6
I hope this isn't a joke nomination. Because I went to the wall for you. There was talk of you being allowed to write on the calendar.
— Francine to Lacey, "The Good Old Table Hockey Game".

Francine Turcott is president of the Dog River Youngish Women Association (DRYWA). She's married and has a son, Kyle.


Season 4

After Wanda is picked to judge pies but confesses she can't because she hates pie, Francine doesn't understand how Wanda can hate pie. ("Hair Comes the Judge") Lacey is given a tour of the DRYMA office by Francine and is impressed with its modest offerings. Saying she intends to nominate someone for the "distinguished woman" award who has done a lot for Dog River, Francine tells her she can't nominate herself. Lacey calls Francine and nominates Emma but is warned that if she can't show what Emma's done for the community, she may be kicked out of the DRYWA. Concerned, Lacey talks to Emma but doesn't get a response as to her good deeds in Dog River. At the DRYWA, Francine isn't happy with Lacey's nomination entry so Lacey lies that she's preparing a separate sheet with all Emma's done and that Emma is currently doing a "Meals and Wheels" charity.

S04E14-Francine Lacey start.jpg
A lot of people nominate someone frivolously.
Lacey tries to involve Emma in the charity but Emma takes the food Lacey's brought for it and gives it to a crowd of people at the Leroy's to watch the Table Hockey Summit Series. Lacey collects admission to the series and when Francine shows up at the Leroy's, she claims Emma gathered the money. However, Emma says she doesn't care about charity and orders everyone to leave. Lacey has to bribe Emma to attend the ceremony and says Emma is going to win the award. However, Lacey is presented it by Francine so Emma demands a larger bribe. ("The Good Old Table Hockey Game")

S04E14-Lacey Francine award.jpg
This dress looks so great.

Season 5

At the Hotel bar, Wanda, who's filling in as bartender, blabs that the Turcott's are in financial trouble. Francine says they're doing fine but when Wanda makes light of their situation, Francine glares at her. ("The Eight Samurai")

Just a little bartender humour.

Season 6

Francine attends the party for Brent at the Ruby when everyone thinks he's going away on a national comedy tour. She's sitting in the booth next to the entrance. ("You've Been Great, Goodnight")




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