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Location: Dog RiverFirst Appearance: "Pilates Twist"

You were barred from the Co-op two years ago.
— Wanda to Oscar, "Friend of a Friend".

S03E15-Dog River 1905
Foo Mart, 1905.
The Foo Mart, also called the Co-op, is the supermarket in Dog River where the residents buy food. Originally, the sign on the front of the store read "FOOD MARKET" (seen on posters in the windows) but over the years, some of the letters have fallen off and now the store is just called "Foo Mart" by the residents. Its first appearance is in the Season 1 episode "Pilates Twist".


  • In Season 1 episodes, the sign on the mart read "FOO AR ET".
  • The Food Market has existed since the town's incorporation, in 1905. ("Block Party")
  • Due to vandalism on the side of the mart, Karen and Davis had to patrol Dog River on bikes. ("Air Show")
  • The building was used as "Crystal's Boutique" when Emma and Oscar looked at a blouse on a mannequin in the window. It was temporarily made to look red. ("Contagious Fortune")
  • Its slogan is "Lowest Prices in Town", a joke since it's the only grocery store in town. ("Coming Distractions")
  • By 2014, the store moved across the street to beside the Dog River Hotel and had the missing letters replaced. ("Corner Gas: The Movie (Film)")
  • The real Foo Mart burned to the ground on September 29, 2014.


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