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"Final Countdown"
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Season: Five — Episode: 19
Director: David Storey — Writer: Kevin White & Norm Hiscock — Aired: April 21, 2008 — Viewers (millions): 1.32
Summary: It's half an hour before midnight when Brent turns 40. Wanda has planned an elaborate fireworks display that goes dangerously wrong when Oscar and Davis help out. Karen tries to keep the peace as Lacey and Emma duel over who should be baking Brent's cake. Brent's plans for the night go awry when he discovers that a bottle of vintage scotch he was saving has gone missing, thanks to Hank.


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To Brent. Good guy, good friend.
— Lacey
At the Ruby Cafe, it's 11:32pm and Wanda announces she'll be setting off fireworks for Brent's birthday at midnight. She tries to get everyone to synchronize their watches but they get confused when do to it. In Brent's car, Hank bugs Brent about turning 40. Learning Brent is going to pick up a 40 year old bottle of Scotch to celebrate, Hank gets concerned. Yelling at Brent to stop to avoid hitting a dog, he then runs out of the car, leaving Brent perplexed. At the Police station, Davis calls Mayor Fitzy at the Ruby, intent on stopping Wanda's fireworks. Forbidding Davis to take any action, Davis ignores him and accidentally calls the house of Shirley Douglas. Kiefer Sutherland answers and after Davis teases Sutherland for living with his mother, he hangs up. Sutherland then yells at his mother for entering the room without knocking.

Damn it, Mom!

At the Ruby, Karen can't get Wanda nor Hank to sign Brent's card as the clock ticks towards 11:36pm. Mertyl thinks the card is a menu and orders the meatloaf. Hank asks Lacey if she has any Scotch and confesses that 20 years ago at a party, he poured out a 20 year old bottle of Scotch that Brent was saving for his 40th birthday. Hearing fireworks, Karen looks out the window and sees Wanda's on fire. Outside the Ruby, Oscar arrives and tells Wanda his experience with fireworks, including strapping one to Brent when he was a child. It's 11:38.

S05E19-Hank jungle juice
Jungle juice!

S05E19-Oscar Brent rocket
We're getting Brent's kite.

Emma arrives at the Ruby with a chocolate cake for Brent. However, she becomes jealous when she sees that Lacey's made a detailed cake of Corner Gas. Outside, Oscar brings a box of fireworks and lights several, which don't go off. It's 11:42 as Davis arrives and announces he's stopping the fireworks. Brent arrives at the Ruby looking for Hank and hears from Lacey that Hank took his Scotch 20 years ago. Brent isn't concerned and relates that he bought a bottle for Hank to steal and one he hid in the Leroy's basement. Happy to see Hank squirm all night, Lacey wonders why he didn't get himself a comic book.

S05E19-Brent 1988
I know Hank too well and I always have.

S05E19-Hank 1988
I outsmarted Hank.

Outside, Oscar and Wanda can see that Davis is scared of fireworks. Oscar lights one while holding it and brings it close to Davis. It goes off, deafening Oscar and Davis is thrilled with the display. Wanda has to chase away some on-lookers and tell them the fireworks haven't started. In the Ruby, Emma grouses about Lacey's cake upstaging hers. They ignore Karen who can't get them to sign Brent's card. It's 11:44 at the Hotel bar where Hank gets Phil to give him a bottle of Scotch, even though it's not 40 years old. Brent arrives and watches Hank lie that he's not buying any Scotch. Brent tells Hank to never mind as they're going to get some Scotch.

S05E19-Oscar fireworks by ear
Set one off by your other ear.
In order to appease Davis, Wanda allows him to keep setting off fireworks. Karen can't them to sign Brent's card and Oscar mishears everything that's said as it's 11:47. In the Ruby, Emma tries to fancy up her cake by icing a picture of Brent. Davis enters, to get matches, and thinks Emma's drawn a tree and that Lacey's cake is too much. It's 11:48 as in the Leroy's basement, Hank confesses he drank the Scotch 20 years before. As Hank commiserates, Brent tells him not to worry. However, Brent can't find the Scotch in the hiding place and starts to panic. It's almost 11:55 as Helen watches Brent and Hank arrive at the Ruby. Brent discovers that Emma found the Scotch and threw it out, thinking it'd gone bad since it tasted like wood.

S05E19-Oscar Wanda Davis Karen
You're burning all them!

As Davis recklessly lights one firework with another, Wanda tells him to stop since he's ruining her reputation for precision as to the time of the fireworks. Seeing Davis has lit all her fireworks, Wanda tells Oscar to get his and dry them out. In the Ruby, Karen still can't get Emma or Lacey to sign Brent's card. Smelling something weird, they're shocked to find Oscar baking his fireworks in the Ruby's oven. He removes them since they're done. Haven woken Wes up, at the Liquor store, Brent asks for a 40 year old Scotch. Wes has one, but it's $450, too much for Brent. Hank offers to pay for it with his truck but Wes jokes that another $400 would be owed. Brent steps in and pays for the bottle much to Hank's relief.

S05E19-Oscar bakes
Want to saute some gasoline too?

No, I've always been here.

In the Ruby, Fitzy sees the two cakes and says one's a joke cake. Emma and Lacey argue about whose cake Fitzy was referring to. Outside, it 20 seconds to midnight as Oscar lights his fireworks. Davis confuses the countdown but as it hits 12:00am, Oscar's fireworks don't go off. Wanda jokes she wants to use Davis' gun on him and Oscar but as a crowd gathers outside the Ruby, the fireworks go off, to Oscar's delight.

S05E19-Fitzy Emma Lacey
We'll let Brent decide which one's a joke.
Having distributed cups of the Scotch to everyone including Josh, Brent calls for a toast. No one except Oscar can think of anything meaningful to say but Oscar ruins his toast by comparing Brent to himself. Everyone hates the Scotch except for Brent as they watch the fireworks. (♫ The Tragically Hip - Fireworks ♫) Later in the Ruby, Karen gives Brent the only card, which she says is just from her. Emma and Lacey anxiously watch Brent hold a slice of each of their cakes, which he mashes together and then eats. He pronounces it delicious, at least half of it.

S05E19-Brent's toast
Wait, who we toasting again?



  • Emma's inability to draw is spoofed again. ("Hero Sandwich")
  • This is the final appearance of Wes Humboldt and his only appearance in Season 5. Hank jokes that he thought Wes died or moved to Winnipeg. This is a reference to Mike O'Brien, who portrays Wes, being busy portraying Lorne Goldstein on the show Less Than Kind which is set in Winnipeg.
  • This is the only episode shot entirely at night. The first time a scene was filmed at night occurred when Wanda and Hank viewed a meteor shower through Wanda's telescope. ("Telescope Trouble")
  • Emmy Award-winning actor Kiefer Sutherland of the popular American drama 24, makes a cameo appearance. Though he has starred in prominent American shows (such as 24 and Designated Survivor), and was born in London, England, Sutherland was raised primarily in Canada. His mother, legendary actress Shirley Douglas, has an off-camera, speaking cameo, as herself. She previously appeared as Peg. ("Trees a Crowd")
  • This is one of two episodes in which the interior of Corner Gas isn't seen. The other is when everyone recalls going to the Grey Cup game. ("I Love Lacey")
  • The crew battled the elements during the filming as the cast's breath can be seen, due to the cold temperatures. When Oscar sets off a firework too close to his left ear, it is raining steadily.


"Anyway, now I get to watch Hank squirm all night while I wait to drink that succulent Scotch. I can't imagine a better birthday present to myself."
"Do you want to saute some gasoline while you're at it? "
―Lacey to Oscar
"No, I've always been here. You guys just didn't seem too interested in calling me."


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