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"Face Off"
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Season: One — Episode: 12
Director: Robert de Lint — Writer: Brent Butt & Andrew Carr — Aired: April 21, 2004 — Viewers (millions): 1.12
Summary: The Dog River hockey team, the Riverdogs, find out that their goalie, Brent, feels unappreciated and is considering playing for a rival team. With no coach, Lacey steps up and helps the team play one of their best games ever. Emma pressures Oscar to get rid of his clunker of a car, but Oscar insists that the car's fine and the only clunker is Emma.


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Sleep well knowing you don't suck any less than we do!
— Brent to Rocket Ronnie
Outside Corner Gas, Hank shoots a rock at Brent with a hockey stick as practice for the upcoming hockey season with their team, the Dog River Riverdogs. Scrimmaging, they're interrupted by a car that comes to the pumps. In Corner Gas, Wanda, who does play-by-play for the Riverdogs games, practices with a bullhorn and insults Brent's goaltending skills. At the Ruby Cafe, Lacey learns about the Riverdogs from Hank while Josh cooks. As Hank leaves, he runs into Brent and kids him about his poor goaltending. As Brent commiserates with Lacey, they are interrupted by Rocket Ronnie, star player with the Stonewood Saints, the Riverdogs' rivals. After he flirts with Lacey, she learns that Brent is a good goalie, but the team is poor. Lacey also shows detailed knowledge of hockey. In a booth, Ronnie asks Brent to play for the Saints and tempts him with free drinks.

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I didn't give myself the nickname.
Emma and Oscar arrive at Corner Gas but their car makes horrible sounds. Emma opines the car should be junked which Oscar disagrees with. Ronnie continues to tempt Brent. Inside Corner Gas, Emma tells Wanda that Brent should look at their car and is exasperated when Oscar thinks there's nothing wrong with it. Brent turns down Ronnie's offer just as Hank arrives. Ronnie says he'll continue to score many goals on Brent but Hank and Brent childishly tell him to leave. Outside the Leroy's, Karen and Davis find Oscar pretending to fix the car, to fool Emma, by banging on the engine with a hammer. Emma is aware of what Oscar is doing. When Davis tells Oscar that Ronnie tried to poach Brent for the Saints, Oscar says they should burn down their arena.

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What are you, seven?
At the Ruby, Brent arrives for a team meeting in which Davis and Hank offer Brent some junk to keep him on the team. Lacey rebukes the team for making fun of Brent and learns they have no coach. Demonstrating her knowledge of the game, she offers to step in but is met with stony silence. At the Leroy's, as Oscar read the Howler, he lies to Emma that he fixed the car. As Brent and Hank walk down Main Street, Lacey asks them about coaching the team. Hank indicates that those he spoke to rejected her offer. Hank leaves and Brent jokingly explains that having a woman as a coach is too weird for the players to bear. Lacey comments on the backwardness of the town and Brent advises patience. Leaving for the hockey game, Oscar makes Emma a bet that the car will start which he wins.

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Let's ask your penis.
In the dressing room at the Memorial Rink, Hank tries to fire up the team by mentioning that there's a large crowd in attendance, 50 people. Brent implores everyone to stop Rocket Ronnie and the team files onto the ice to Wanda playing a humorous dog song. Arriving at the rink, Emma and Oscar can't get out of the car as the electric locks aren't functioning. The game starts and Hank takes a huge hit that leaves him woozy. Lacey sneaks behind the Riverdogs bench by offering to open the bench door when it becomes stuck. Davis metes out a big hit. Brent makes numerous great saves but can't stop a rebound that Ronnie pots in. Saints 1, Riverdogs 0. Karen discovers Emma and Oscar locked in their car. She offers to smash the window but Emma orders her to find something to open the locks.

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Here come our Riverdogs!
In the second period, the Saints are dominating the Riverdogs but continuous saves by Brent prevents them from scoring. Oscar believes the car is airtight and starts panicking. Emma wonders where Karen is and she's seen eating and watching the game. During the second intermission the Riverdogs are exhausted. Brent sarcastically says they got a goal last season and Lacey gives Hank an expertly taped stick. Oscar stinks up the car and blames it on Emma. In the third period, the Saints continue to pepper Brent with shots and Wanda reminds the crowd the Dogs scored a goal the season before. Lacey has assumed the role of coach with authority behind the bench.

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We're not suffocating. We're stuck.
Returning to the car, Karen, having not looked for anything to help the Leroys, is told by Emma to look under the hood. With minutes left in the game, Lacey calls a timeout and to cheers from the crowd, Wanda notes the team has a coach. Lacey gives detailed instructions to those on the ice. Karen finds that while Oscar was banging on the engine with a hammer, he disconnected a cable that is preventing the electric locks from working. The Dogs follow Lacey's plan and Hank scores, assisted by Davis. Celebrating their goal, Lacey advocates her success as coach until Hank cuts her off.

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Who's your mommy?!
Lacey then maps out a plan to prevent being scored on including giving Brent a tip on how to stop Rocket Ronnie. Sure enough, Ronnie gets a breakaway with seconds left. Leaving one side of the net open, Brent draws Ronnie into a backhand shot which he makes a glove save on. The buzzer goes and the Riverdogs celebrate their tie and mock Ronnie for not beating them. Having escaped the car, Emma and Oscar arrive in the rink and can't believe the Dogs didn't lose. Later, Brent dreams being on a sports newscast where he's interviewed by Darren Dutchyshen and told he's been called up to the NHL. He then changes the dream to being interviewed by Jennifer Hedger, who speak with Dutchyshen's voice.

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Riverdogs almost win!


  • Many references are made to the Boston Bruins and Brent dreams he's called up to the Vancouver Canucks. "Bruin" does mean "bear."
  • "Rocket" Ronnie is a reference to Maurice "Rocket" Richard.
  • The issue of the Howler touting the Dog River Riverdogs tie game with the Stonewood Saints is dated July 30, 2003.
  • Hank plays forward wearing #79, Davis plays defense wearing #5 and Brent is goalie wearing #1.
  • Fred Ewaniuk (Hank) is an avid goaltender.
  • Jackass!: Brent chastises his hockey team, the Riverdogs, for allowing Rocket Ronnie to always score, making goalie Brent look like a jackass.


"Well I am master of the ass save."
"Practicing is good in theory. In reality it tires us out."


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