Dwight Logo 01.jpg Dance Instructor

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Tim Lynchuk
First Appearance: "Coming Distractions"
Last Appearance: "Self-Serving"
Episode Count: 2
Evening, ladies. You old gals ready to do some line dancing?
— Dwight, "Coming Distractions".

Dwight teaches country line dancing.


Season 5

At the Hotel bar, Lacey line-dances with the Purple Hats under Dwight's instruction but isn't very adept. Noticing the ladies there, Brent and Oscar initially want to leave but seeing Lacey's bad dancing, they decide to stay and make fun of her. ("Coming Distractions")

S05E16-Emma Lacey dancing.jpg
C'mon Lacey, get into it! Push that tush.

Season 6

After Brent offers self-service at Corner Gas, he begins missing interacting with the customers. Asking Phil Mallett and Dwight about a joke they shared at the pumps, Phil tells Brent he had to be there to get it. Brent tries to engage them in conversation about the weather but Dwight just wants Brent to give him his change. ("Self-Serving")

S06E03-Dwight and Phil.jpg
No, you owe me some change.
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