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"Dress for Success"
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Season: Three — Episode: 1
Director: David Storey — Writer: Brent Butt & Andrew Carr — Aired: September 19, 2005 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: Brent starts behaving differently when Wanda wears a skirt to work. Oscar and Hank invest imaginary money in the stock market and Emma comes to the rescue when Lacey's dishwasher breaks down.


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I thought you could use some rest, is all. Plus you were scaring me. That makeup was unnerving.
— Brent to Wanda
After an electric car leaves Corner Gas, Oscar maligns the car as a fad while Hank lauds it's futuristic qualities. Oscar chalks up Hank's stupid decisions to why he has no money. Hank shows Oscar an electric motor stock in the newspaper and predicts it'll go up to prove he's right about the viability of electric cars while Brent watches. At the Ruby Cafe, Karen and Davis complain to Lacey that she served their food on dirty dishes and cutlery. Lacey apologizes but Davis feels sick and leaves. Wanda shows up at Corner Gas wearing a skirt which Brent finds too fancy for working in a gas station. He uncharacteristically helps Wanda up onto a stool. At the Leroy's, Emma's miffed that Oscar's returned without milk and to Oscar's anger, tells him Hank called that the electric motor stock has risen.

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I'm tellin' ya, it's a fad.
At the Ruby, Wanda tells Karen and Lacey that Brent complained about the skirt and helped her onto the stool. Lacey believes the more feminine a woman looks, the more men protect and care for females which Karen agrees with, given how crudely she's treated by Davis while wearing a police uniform. Lacey mentions her dishwasher is broken. Emma takes a call from Hank that the stock has gone up again and relays the message to Oscar. A miffed Oscar has Brent get Hank to call but when the phone rings, it's Mertyl. Oscar yells that he's going to teach Hank about investing and hangs up on a baffled Mertyl. At the Ruby, while Lacey deals with a customer who takes everything she says literally, Wanda takes Lacey's broach for an experiment with Brent.

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In the police cruiser, a still queasy Davis is teased by Karen with suggestions of items that might make him vomit. At the Ruby, Lacey has adapted to serving dirty dishes to customers and tells Jane to use the same fork she ate an entree with for her dessert. At Corner Gas, Hank delights in telling Brent that the electric motor stock has risen again. Oscar arrives and challenges Hank to a game where they each invest $10,000 of imaginary money on stocks to see wins. Wanda arrives wearing Lacey's broach but gets no reaction from Brent until she moves the broach to her hair. He recants a request for Wanda to fill the dairy cooler and looks at her with concern. Emma arrives at the Ruby and seeing Lacey flustered at having to wash dishes, offers to help out.

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Can't catch your own germs.
At Corner Gas, Davis asks Wanda for Pepto-Bismol but she also makes his nausea worse by describing unpleasant symptoms. Wanda tells Karen that she's successfully manipulating Brent by dressing more feminine. As Emma washes dishes at the Ruby, Brent tells her that he thinks Wanda is having a breakdown and that he'd better ease up on her. Karen and Wanda send Davis running outside by again provoking his nausea. At the Ruby, Hank quickly picks stocks from the newspaper which brings derision from Oscar. However, when they learn the electric motor stock has risen again, Oscar quickly picks stocks as well. At Corner Gas, in full makeup, Wanda asks Brent for a week off work. Having never seen her in makeup before, a concerned Brent agrees she needs a rest. Having finished washing the dishes, Lacey gives Emma $20. Emma's offended as she helped Lacey as a friend.

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Wanda's losin' her marbles.
At the Police station, Davis unsuccessfully tries to scare Karen by putting a rubber spider in a cabinet with Karen's hat. At home, Oscar watches TV as Pat Bolland announces that all Oscar's stocks have crashed. Oscar learns about insider trading at Arc Research and believes it's an opportunity to best Hank. Emma arrives and tells Oscar about being angered that Lacey paid her to wash dishes but Oscar's too engrossed in the game with Hank to understand. At Corner Gas, Oscar asks Brent to lend him $10,000 of fictional money, since he lost all his imaginary money on the stocks. Brent makes light of this but "lends" Oscar the money. Opening a drawer at the Police station, Karen shrieks. Having put a snake in the drawer, a triumphant Davis thinks he's gotten her back but Karen was alarmed at not paying her credit card bill.

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Here, hold my monkey.
Lacey arrives at the Leroy's with a pie to smooth things over with Emma. Emma accepts but Lacey wonders why Emma will accept a pie worth $12 but not $20 cash. Emma becomes offended that Lacey's trying to teach her a lesson but still takes the pie. At the Dog River Hotel, learning that Oscar has borrowed $10,000 of fictional money from Brent, Hank says he's cheating. Oscar mentions he invested it in Arc Research and touts he'll best Hank. Wanda arrives at the Leroy's where she learns from Emma that Brent thinks she's going crazy due to the skirt and makeup. At the Hotel, Bolland reports that Arc Research has tanked while the electric motor stock has doubled since Hank initially "invested." Hank revels in his success over Oscar.

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It's a patronizing, point pie.
At Corner Gas, Wanda confronts Brent that he thinks she's lost it. Brent stammers a denial and Wanda says to prove Brent wrong, she's going to work on her week off. Emma returns the pie plate to Lacey at the Ruby without washing it and chides Lacey that she did so because she didn't want Lacey to think she had to pay her for washing it. At Corner Gas, Oscar tells Brent that he can't pay him back the imaginary money he borrowed from him. Brent isn't concerned and agrees to lend Oscar another $10,000 for all he's done as his father. Hank protests and asks Brent for fictional money for being a friend which Brent reasons Hank owes him for. While writing tickets on Main Street, Davis discovers his squeaky ticket book drives Karen nuts. He continually makes it squeak while Karen tries to make Davis sick.

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Yeah, that proves you're not nuts.


  • Behind the counter at the Ruby Cafe is first seen as Emma washes dishes while talking to Brent.
  • Tim Allen, who plays the electric car driver, had different roles in eleven episodes of the show.
  • Jackass!: Oscar says it three times. Twice to Hank when losing to him while playing an imaginary investment game and once to Mertyl on the phone, though he thinks he's swearing at Hank.


"It's like Brent's hypnotized by this or something. He's a slave to the skirt."


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