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Location: Dog RiverFirst Appearance: "Oh Baby!" — Last Appearance: "Reader Pride"

I'll have to ask you to leave if you don't keep it down!
— Alice to Brent

The Dog River Public Library is the local library in Dog River. It is very small and it only has 4 bookshelves. Alice, the librarian, tells everyone who enters the library to be quiet, even if she's the only person there. Its first appearance is in the Season 1 episode "Oh Baby!".


Season 1

Looking for a way to deal with babysitting Wanda's terror of a son, Tanner, Brent visits the Dog River Public Library to get a book on child psychology. Librarian Alice shushes Brent and lends him the only book the library has on the subject, from 1969. Brent and Lacey try to use the book's "groovy" advice on Tanner with no success. ("Oh Baby!")

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Dr. Spearmint makes a good point here.

Season 2

Trying to find out how Dog River got its name, Lacey discovers the only book in the library about the town has the pages detailing the information ripped out. ("Rock On!")

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Oh, Emma!

Season 6

After Karen volunteers to read at the Senior's Home, she discovers she likes a racy book but is interrupted before she can finish it. She heads to the library and seeks Alice's help finding a copy. Alice has heard about Karen reading the book, accuses her of liking reading smut to seniors and won't help her. ("Reader Pride")

Try the library in Smutsville.


  • Brent mentions he'll help Lacey do some research at the library to get into the town's Chamber of Commerce. ("Cell Phone")
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