Dog River Hotel

Dog River Hotel Logo 01.jpg Hotel/Bar
Location: Dog RiverFirst Appearance: "Ruby Reborn"

So, here we are, finest drinking establishment in all of Dog River.
Brent, "Ruby Reborn".

S01E09-Paul Kinistino.jpg
Paul Kinistino, first owner.
The Dog River Hotel is the only hotel and bar in town and is owned by Paul Kinistino and then Phil Kinistino. Equipped with a pool table, pinball machines and various novelty games, it's also a gathering place for the residents to watch Saskatchewan Roughrider games. Its also been used as a performance space ("Comedy Night") and for concerts. ("Rock On!") New Year's Eve is celebrated at the bar. ("American Resolution") Its first appearance is in the Season 1 episode "Ruby Reborn".



  • Only once was the upstairs, where the hotel rooms are, shown. The rooms have no bathroom, there's a communal bathroom for each floor. ("Bed and Brake Fast")
  • The actual hotel was built in 1905, had 42 rooms and was known as the Arlington Hotel. The Hotel was refurbished for Corner Gas and dressing rooms were installed on the second floor.
  • The interior was redesigned after Corner Gas ended so wasn't used for Corner Gas: The Movie. Instead, a set was created on a sound stage in Regina.


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