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"Dog River Dave"
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Season: Four — Episode: 2
Director: David Storey — Writer: Mark Farrell — Aired: September 25, 2006 — Viewers (millions): 1.22
Summary: When a radio DJ starts impersonating Brent on his show, Brent tries to prove to the people of Dog River, especially Oscar, that it's not him. Lacey's upset when her new delivery service proves more popular than she'd like. Davis and Karen find out that their work-to-rule campaign is a lot more work than they thought.


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My life a TV show? Who's gonna watch that?
— Brent
At the Corner Gas pumps, Brent pokes fun at a customer, Chris, who isn't pleased with Brent's jokes. At the Ruby Cafe, Lacey expresses her malaise to Wanda and Brent. Lacey thinks Wanda's response is sarcastic but Wanda is offended, as she was being genuine. At the Police station, Davis tells Karen that Mayor Fitzy indicated there'll be no increase in the police budget. Karen doesn't believe that Davis pushed back at all. At the Leroy's, Emma's running a fever and asks Oscar to go to the Ruby and pick her up some soup. He refuses and turning on the radio, makes an excuse that he's listening to his favourite show, on which Chris is the DJ. Emma calls the Ruby asking for Lacey to deliver soup. Lacey refuses but Emma tricks her into giving in. Lacey playacts that she's being stern with Emma which Wanda sarcastically congratulates her on.

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You're listening to CJKL, the Jackal...
Oscar hears Chris making fun of Brent, who he calls "Dog River Dave," but thinks it's Brent on the radio. Lacey gets Hank to deliver Emma's soup. At the Police station, as Davis and Karen discuss their displeasure over the frozen budget, an arrested man advises them to work to rule. Hank delivers the soup and saying he heard Brent on the radio, Oscar feels validated. Outside the Leroy's, Karen writes a parking ticket for Hank but is surprised to hear he's delivering for the Ruby. Oscar and Hank arrive at Corner Gas and insist they heard Brent on the radio. After Wanda makes a sarcastic remark, which Hank gets, they turn the radio on and hear Chris maligning Brent. Brent insists it's not him on the radio which Oscar doesn't believe.

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I work at Corner Gas and I've got a lotta gas.
Later at Corner Gas, a customer calls Brent "Dog River Dave." Hank thinks it's cool and says that the fun Chris pokes at Brent is what a TV show starring Brent would be about. Positing it would be a success if he had good cameos, Olympian Cindy Klassen appears, but the guys say they're busy. Feeling he's become a laughing stock, Brent asks Hank how he deals with it. At the Ruby, Lacey tells Wanda and Oscar she doesn't want to offer delivery, though everyone seems to want it. Wanda believes it would be a success but Oscar thinks Wanda's being sarcastic, which she refutes. Oscar then tells Lacey she lacks people skills, which she calls ridiculous. Believing Lacey thinks he's cranky, Oscar heads to the Police station and tries to file a complaint with Davis, who refuses to act under work to rule. He then complains to Emma, who's sick in bed.

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Good job, though.
Oscar then tells Fitzy the police are working to rule and that the Ruby is offering delivery. Fitzy's first action is to call the Ruby and ask for lunch to be sent over. At the Ruby, Brent is depressed but Lacey and Wanda aren't sympathetic and say he's overreacting. As Josh tells Lacey about Fitzy's delivery order, she's distressed and says she needs help. Wanda sarcastically says she'll run the delivery service which Lacey takes as genuine and accepts and Brent approves of. At the Police station, Fitzy confronts Davis and Karen and gives them a copy of the Police Manual. It's thick and has a lot of assignments they'd have to follow if they're working to rule. Brent calls Chris and asks him to stop making fun of him. Chris reminds him of their encounter at the pumps and uses a sound effects machine to play a fart.

The Mayor just called for delivery.
While on a delivery, Hank gets ticketed by Karen, who has to under work to rule. Asking if he's the town's biggest laughing stock, Karen says he's second, behind Oscar. At the Leroy's, Brent tells Emma his predicament while Oscar still believes he's Dog River Dave. Emma advises Brent to roll with the punches and he doesn't notice that Emma's sick. At the Ruby, which is deserted, Davis arrives to deal with Oscar's complaint about Lacey. Thrilled to see a customer, Lacey's mood worsens when Davis tells her why he's there. Oscar enters and dismisses the allegation, worried it'll make him more of a laughing stock. Before leaving, Davis indicates he'll be calling for delivery from the Police station, but Lacey can't understand why Davis doesn't order something while he's there.

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Hey, come on, Karen.
Oscar reminds Lacey he warned her about offering delivery and then stops her from insulting him. Hank arrives and demands a raise to pay for the parking tickets. Lacey indicates Wanda's running the delivery service which offends Hank, who quits. Oscar laughs at Lacey's lack of people skills. At Corner Gas, Lacey complains to Brent that no one eats in the Ruby anymore. He turns on the radio to listen to Chris, having decided to accept Emma's advice. Wanda wants the radio turned off and it becomes apparent why when Chris delivers an ad about the Ruby's delivery service which insults Lacey. At the Leroy's, Hank and Oscar scheme how to get respect. Hank believes doing something for Brent will help. Brent calls Emma and thanking her for the advice, again doesn't understand that she's ill.

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Same great food, but none of the annoying chatter.
At the Ruby, Wanda apologizes to Lacey who decides to do the delivery herself. Wanda tells Lacey people aren't coming to the Ruby anymore to avoid talking to her, but Lacey thinks Wanda is being sarcastic. Lacey delivers soup to Emma and yammers on and on. Davis and Karen arrive as they have to poll the community for policing ideas under work to rule. Seeing Lacey's doing deliveries, they decide they might as well eat in the Ruby. Karen complains she wants to end working to rule but Davis feels they'll lose face if they do. Emma tells them that as an essential service they aren't allowed to take any job action. Driving in Hank's truck, Hank isn't sure about Oscar's plan to help Brent gain respect, especially as he thinks Brent's accepted Chris' jibes. Oscar assures Hank that Brent hates being made fun of just as Brent hangs up a sign that Corner Gas is the home of Dog River Dave.

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Lacey's doing deliveries now?
At the Police station, Fitzy tells Davis and Karen he might as well eat at the Ruby if Lacey is delivering. He learns that they're not working to rule anymore. At Corner Gas, Brent's gathered some townsfolk, Hank, Emma and Oscar to listen to Chris' broadcast. They discover Chris has created a new character, "Wullerton Willie" who puts down Dog River. Emma blames the change on Brent but Hank and Oscar take credit and reveal they egged Chris. Everyone glares at them and Oscar delivers an insult. Later, Brent tells Wanda he misses having Chris as a nemesis and decides to cheer up by getting food. Wanda picks up the food for Brent and reiterates to Lacey that no one wants delivery anymore due to Lacey's lack of people skills. Lacey asks if Wanda's being sarcastic which Wanda indicates doesn't matter.

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Dog River Dave says hello!


  • Karen shouldn't be surprised that the Police Manual is full of rules given that she read a section of it to Davis when he fired his weapon at crows. ("The Brent Effect")
  • The real-life CJKL radio station is operated out of Kirkland Lake, Ontario.
  • Tim Allen, who plays the man getting fingerprinted by Davis, had different roles in eleven episodes of the show.


"This is sarcasm. You're a giant of a man, a brilliant boss, and I'm lucky to be working for you."
―Wanda to Brent
"But I don't think a chili cheese dog is gonna fix this. Two could maybe do it, though."


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