Dog River is the town that Corner Gas is set in. Its town slogan is "The Buckle of the Barley Belt" (as seen in S02E12 "An American in Saskatchewan").

Dog River (Rouleau, Saskatchewan) has a population of "about 500" according to "Census Sensibility." According to the Corner Gas tagline, it is 40 kilometres (25 miles) from nowhere, but still within a relatively short drive to "The City," where characters are often shown going to shop or attend "support meetings," in the case of Davis and Lacey. The rival town of Wullerton is 'just down the road.' It is stated in the S01E02 episode "Tax Man" that Corner Gas is the only gas station for 60 kilometres (37 mi) in any direction. Series creator Brent Butt has said the town lies somewhere between Regina and Saskatoon; these two cities are 257 kilometres (160 miles) apart, so this fact does not contradict anything said on the series. In fact, the term 'the city' has been used at various times in the series to refer to Regina. The S03E07 episode, "Fun Run" has one character drive to Weyburn for a lark, suggesting Dog River is probably closer to Regina than it is to Saskatoon. In the S04E09 episode "Outside Joke," when the Corner Gas station is believed to actually be outside the town limits, it is said to be in the fictional municipality of Pitt Creek. In S04E11 "Kid Stuff," Wanda says it is south of the also fictional Crowley Lake.

The town's name is an homage to series creator Brent Butt's hometown of Tisdale, Saskatchewan, through which the Doghide River flows. However, in the show itself, the second season episode S02E15 "Rock On!" revealed that the town was named after a great uncle of Lacey Burrows who drowned a dozen dogs in the river. Lacey discovered this trivia while researching information for a history plaque. In order to play down this unsavoury branch of her family tree, Lacey instead used a story that Karen made up—that pioneers somehow got hold of a hot air balloon, got an aerial view of the town site, and noticed that the creek formed a shape similar to that of a dog's leg. S03E15 "Block Party" revealed that the town was founded in 1905, and its founder was a Mr. Harold Main after whom Main Street was named (it was later renamed Centennial Street in 2005, the origin of the name being forgotten.) Main also constructed Dog River's first building, a wooden shack that would later be burned down by Hank Yarbo a century later in order to maintain the accuracy of his Lego scale model of the town (he ran out of blocks and could not make a replica of the shack.)