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Season: Four — Episode: 5
Director: Jeff Beesley — Writer: Kevin White — Aired: October 16, 2006 — Viewers (millions): 1.48
Summary: Hank and Brent's plan to tear down a local barn is complicated when Oscar insists on getting involved. Davis, determined to become the Howler's "Newsmaker of the Year" hires Wanda to take photos of him on the job. Lacey is frustrated at Emma for having to continually re-manicure her nails.


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All right, listen up, everybody. Due to unforeseen Hank, we're not gonna be blowin' up a barn. But if anybody would like to volunteer to help tear down the barn, that would be great.
— Brent
At Cecil's farm, standing in front of a cow and a barn, Hank thinks Cecil wants to get rid of the cow and promises to do it in a day. Realizing Cecil wants to demolish the barn, Hank sticks to his timeframe. At Corner Gas, aspiring photog Wanda shows Brent and Lacey pictures she's taken but they're all of grain elevators. Outside the Ruby Cafe, Oscar tells Lacey her flowers are dead and Emma admires Lacey's nails. Lacey offers to do Emma's nails for her but Emma isn't enthused about spending girl time. In the Ruby, Davis and Oscar argue who should be the Howler's newsmaker of the year. Davis reminds Oscar he arrested a barley thief, which Karen points out was spelt "barely" in the paper and jokes it wasn't a typo.

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Doesn't even look 60. Early 40s maybe.
Oscar feels he deserves the award for warning kids about a mad dog. Davis refutes this as there was no mad dog, only a recording Oscar played of a dog barking near a group of kids. Oscar vows he'll win and leaves to talk to Gus. Hank arrives at Corner Gas looking to buy dynamite to destroy Cecil's barn. While Wanda jokes about this, Brent becomes concerned and offers to help Hank. Wanda's surprised but Brent opines that any true Canadian would want to tear down a barn which is confirmed when Adrienne Clarkson agrees when asked by a stranger to do so. At the Ruby, Karen suggests that Davis get a photo of himself in action as a police officer to help win the award and that Wanda could take it. Davis isn't impressed with Wanda's portfolio but has no alternative.

It would never occur to them scatter.
At the Leroy's, to her surprise, Emma enjoys the time Lacey spends doing her nails. Lacey agrees to give Emma acrylic nails, which takes considerable time and effort. At Corner Gas, Brent and Hank use toys to plan tearing down the barn by pulling out the support beam with a tractor. Oscar arrives and seeing an opportunity to make news, insists he be included. Oscar shows he's qualified by recounting several instances where he destroyed items. Wanda has a hard time taking action photos of Davis responding to a dispute between two neighbours as it looks too posed. At Cecil's, Oscar is teased by Brent and Hank for bringing a lot of work gloves. Looking at her photos at the Police station, Wanda is critical of how Davis looks, especially his ears, but effuses that Karen is photogenic.

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You're gonna get the full treatment.
At the barn, with a rope attached to the support beam and Hank's pickup truck, Oscar gets the truck stuck in the mud. At the Ruby, Lacey notices that Karen is wearing makeup which she dismisses. Emma arrives and Lacey tells Karen she did Emma's nails. Karen comments the nails don't look good which Lacey takes as an insult until she sees that Emma's ruined them. Lacey's peeved until Emma shows that she ruined the nails gardening new flowers to replace the dead ones outside the Ruby. Emma explains that Oscar took all the gloves at their house and talks Lacey into re-doing her nails. At the barn, the guys try pulling Hank's truck out of the mud using Cecil's tractor, which Oscar drives. The truck remains stuck and Oscar burns the clutch out on the tractor.

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Come on, let's go. Walk the juice to it.
Trying again to get a good action shot, Wanda photographs Davis after he's pulled over Alice in her car. Not liking Davis' ears, Wanda gets Karen to upstage Davis until he's completely out of the photos. At the Leroy's re-doing Emma's nails, Lacey's much less enthused about girl time. Wanda continues to take pictures in which only Karen is seen and Davis is tricked to be out of frame. Cecil checks on the progress and Oscar lies that Brent and Hank burned the tractor out. Cecil tells Oscar to forget about the tractor and "just blow it up" which Oscar passes onto the guys. Looking at the photos at the Police station without Wanda, Davis critisizes the results while Karen likes seeing just herself in them. Karen fields a call that Cecil's barn is going to be blown up, says she's on her way, then corrects herself to include Davis.

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Don't pull over and we'll chase ya.
Outside the Ruby as Lacey admires the flowers Emma gave her, Wanda comments on the irony of Emma ruining her nails to get the flowers. On their way to the barn, Davis and Karen pick Wanda up so she can shoot the event. They convince Lacey that barn demolition is fun and Clarkson is seen hitting one with a sledgehammer. At the barn, Brent is surprised that Hank was able to set the charge by himself. After Davis and company arrive, Oscar claims blowing up the barn will win him the award and he doesn't understand that Davis is there to get his picture taken when the explosion happens and win it over Oscar. In front of the Ruby, Josh tells Emma that everyone's gone to see Cecil's barn blow up. Emma's distressed to find that the flowers she planted for Lacey are dying. Josh gives Emma advice on plant care which annoys her and she orders him to get water for the flowers.

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Do I tell ya how to burn toast?
Hank gives a short speech to the crowd that's gathered to witness the barn explosion but at the last second, Brent realizes Hank didn't set the charge on the barn. Hank activates the charge and Cecil's tractor explodes. Wanda takes a picture of Karen in front of the burning tractor when Davis bends down to tie his shoe lace. Hank explains that he blew up the tractor as he took what Oscar said literally. Brent rebukes Hank and asks everyone to join in tearing the barn down, which they're happy to do. At the Ruby, Emma gives Lacey homemade cookies and shows Lacey that she replaced her flowers again, but ruined her nails. At the Leroy's, Lacey does Emma's nails a third time. At the Ruby, Oscar shows Davis, Karen and Wanda that Karen won newsmaker of the year. However, Karen is branded an idiot for endorsing the tractor explosion using Wanda's photo of her. Davis is glad he's not in the shot.

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Guess who made newsmaker of the year?


  • Episode writer Kevin White portrays the man who asks Adrienne Clarkson if she'd like to tear down a barn.
  • Frequent episode writer and series story editor Andrew Carr portrays one of the arguing neighbours.
  • Jackass!: While trying to tear down a barn by pulling the support beam down with a rope attached to a truck, Oscar gets the truck stuck in the mud, calls Brent and Hank jackasses and tells them to push the truck out.


"You never let me take responsibility for my own actions. I've always blamed you for that."


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