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Davis Quinton Logo 01 Police Sergeant

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Lorne Cardinal
First Appearance: "Ruby Reborn"
Nicknames: Legs, Downtown Davis
Episode Count: 107
All right!
— Davis' catch phrase

S03E03-Davis McWoof
Davis Quinton portrayed by Lorne Cardinal.
Davis Quinton is Dog River's overly-sensitive senior police officer who has a habit of misspending the police budget and making up the laws as he goes along. This leaves him and Karen Pelly (the only other officer in town) with a lot of down time. He is obsessed with Cosmopolitan Magazine, retro-TV, classic cartoons and science fiction. He believes that the original Battlestar Galactica may have really happened. He loves rhythmic gymnastics and also has a collection of the original Hardy Boys books. Davis is divorced. His mother left him when he was a baby to join a band and and he thought his cleaning lady was his Mom. He's a member of the Cree Nation. ("I Love Lacey") He's portrayed by Lorne Cardinal.

Season 1

I can't believe they're building the world's biggest hoe. May as well say we've got the world's biggest prostitute.

–Davis, "World's Biggest Thing".

Season Overview

Karen and Davis argue about whose police cruiser is "Car One" and are thrilled that Lacey has opened the Ruby Cafe and is serving good coffee. Lacey offends Davis when she overturns her Aunt Ruby's free coffee policy for Dog River's police officers, which places Karen in an awkward position when she offers to pay for coffee. Davis is part of the conspiracy that involves Brent and Hank having painted the town's water tower when they graduated in 1986.

Logo 01 Episodes
"Ruby Reborn":

"Tax Man":

"Pilates Twist":

"Oh Baby!":

"Grad '68":

"World's Biggest Thing":

"All My Ex's Live in Toronto":

"Cousin Carl":

"Cell Phone":

"Comedy Night":

"Hook, Line and Sinker":

"Face Off":

"I Love Lacey":

Season 2

You know, there's more to me than just a pretty boy, tough guy cop. I have depth and range.

–Davis, "Security Cam".

Season Overview

Karen launches an investigation after Davis admits to firing his weapon at crows. Davis' attempt to help Lacey with her phobia has her thinking he has a crush on her.

Logo 01 Episodes
"The Brent Effect":

"Wedding Card":

"Smell of Freedom":


"Lost and Found":

"Poor Brent":

"Hero Sandwich":

"Security Cam"

"Bingo Night":

"Mosquito Time":

"Hurry Hard":

"An American in Saskatchewan":

"Pandora's Wine":

"Doc Small":

"Rock On!":

"Air Show":

"Slow Pitch":

"Harvest Dance":

Season 3

I don't have funny legs.

–Davis, "Ruby Newsday".

Season Overview

Davis tries to get back at Karen for making his queasiness worse.

Logo 01 Episodes
"Dress for Success":

"Key to the Future":

"Dog River Vice":

"Will and Brent":

"The Littlest Yarbo":

"Mail Fraud":

"Fun Run":

"Trees a Crowd":

"Picture Perfect":

"Safety First":

"Hair Loss":

"Ruby Newsday":

"Merry Gasmas":

"Friend of a Friend":

"Block Party":

"Physical Credit":

"Telescope Trouble":

"Bean There":

"Road Worthy":

Season 4

I'm not good at confrontation.

–Davis, "Lacey Borrows".

Season Overview

Davis has a set-to with Oscar when he refuses to repair his car's damaged muffler.

Logo 01 Episodes
"Hair Comes the Judge":

"Dog River Dave":

"Two Degrees of Separation":

"Just Brent and His Shadow":


"Jail House":

"I, Witness":

"Blog River":

"Outside Joke":

"One Piano, Four Hands":

"Kid Stuff":

"Mother's Day":

"Census Sensibility":

"The Good Old Table Hockey Game":

"Lacey Borrows":

"Potato Bowl":

"Seeing Things":

"Happy Campers":

"Gopher It":

Season 5

So, I can just knock Davis out whenever I want? This is good to know.

–Brent, "Buzz Driver".

Season Overview

Hank becomes the subject of Davis and Karen's crime stopper show for local cable.

Logo 01 Episodes
"Cable Excess":

"Spin Cycle":

"Whiner Takes All":

"Dark Circles":

"Wash Me":

"The Eight Samurai":

"Buzz Driver":

"Classical Gas":

"Game, Set and Mouse":

"Knit Wit of the Month":

"Top Gum":

"The J-Word":

"Outside the Box":

"Contagious Fortune":

"No Time Like the Presents":

"Coming Distractions":

"The Accidental Cleanist":

"Bed and Brake Fast":

"Final Countdown":

Season 6

Safety Pete to the rescue!

–Davis, "Good Tubbin'".

Season Overview

Davis is upset when Lacey doesn't taste the perogies he made for an eating contest she wins.

Logo 01 Episodes
"Full Load":

"Bend It Like Brent":


"Meat Wave":

"All That and a Bag of Chips":

"Good Tubbin'":

"American Resolution":

"Reader Pride":

"Rock Stars":

"Shirt Disturber":

"Cat River Daze":

"Super Sensitive":

"TV Free Dog River":

"Queasy Rider":

"R2 Bee Too":

"Crab Apple Cooler":

"Happy Career Day to You":

"Get the F Off My Lawn":

"You've Been Great, Goodnight":



"That new music sucks, and it sucks too loud."
―Davis, "World's Biggest Thing".
"Nice. I was there for three hours and you choose to sketch the two hours I was sleeping."
―Davis to Karen, "Wash Me".
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