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Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Shane Bellegarde & Brooke D'Orsay
First Appearance: "The Littlest Yarbo"
Episode Count: 1
He seems nice enough. I'm not sure about that Carol, though. She seems a little quick to judge. I noticed that about her right away.
— Karen, "The Littlest Yarbo".

David and Carol were Dog River's firefighters for a short time. They resemble Davis and Karen.


Season 3

At the Police station, Mayor Fitzy and Emma introduce Dog River's new firefighters, David and Carol, to Davis and Karen. At the Ruby Cafe, Davis and Karen introduce David and Carol to Lacey. After a German Shepherd finds Hank's sunglasses, he sets out to prove the dog is The Littlest Hobo. As David and Carol are talking to some locals in front of the Foo Mart, Hank fakes illness and collapses across the street to see if the Hobo will rescue him. The Hobo, Davis and Karen look on unconcerned but David and Carol race across the street. David performs CPR on Hank, who protests he's OK. At the Ruby, a jealous Karen watches the respect that David and Carol get from Lacey and the townspeople. After Davis and Karen refuse Oscar's request to run the Hobo out of town, they head to the Leroy's.

S03E05-4 at Ruby
Can I get a coffee to go?
They find David and Carol already there, having finished a meal with Emma and Oscar, who really like them. The firefighters insist they'll take care of the dog and Oscar slams the door in Davis and Karen's faces. Later at the Ruby, the firefighters have a fire drill in which Davis and Karen run pell-mell for the exit, knocking everyone out of their way. Lacey is thrilled with the fire drill and calls David and Carol heroes. The Hobo comes upon a leaf fire at the Leroy's and running to Corner Gas, can't make David and Carol understand there's a fire. Due to his barking, they try to catch the Hobo to bring him to the SPCA. Since David and Carol don't come to the fire, Fitzy decides to go back to a volunteer fire department. ("The Littlest Yarbo")

S03E05-Karen David Emma
We had a lot on our plates, eh?


"There's just something about firefighters that make you feel safe, like the way they saved Hank's life. Well, okay, that's not the best example."
"A big fireman French kissing you isn't peril?"
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