Darren Logo 01.jpg Mechanic

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Alan Bratt
First Appearance: "Comedy Night"
Last Appearance: "TV Free Dog River"
Episode Count: 3
Let's start the bidding for this rather unusual lamp at $20.
— Darren, "Hair Loss".

S03E05-Hobo Oscar garbage.jpg
Oscar in front of Darren's garage.
Darren is a Dog Riverite who owns the local garage, "Darren's Tire and Auto" and is also an auctioneer. His garage is located on Main (later Centennial) Street beside the Police station, on the corner.


Season 1

As Darren gets gas at the Corner Gas pumps, Brent starts into a story that he had stolen by comedian Bob Lang. Darren cuts him off and says he heard Lang tell the story on TV. ("Comedy Night")

I watch TV too.

Season 3

Darren acts as auctioneer at the estate of Florence Bickleigh which Davis, Karen and Wanda attend. He puts an antique elephant lamp on the block which Wanda comments is tacky. However, Wanda outbids Davis for the lamp. ("Hair Loss")

We have 20. Do I hear 25?

Season 6

With no TV for a week in Dog River, people take to watching the antics of Hank and Wanda at Corner Gas. They take the opportunity to advertise several of the town's businesses, including Wanda wearing a t-shirt of "Darren's Tire and Auto." Heading to the Hotel bar for payment, Darren gives Wanda a coupon for a free tire rotation and she has to guilt him into giving her a tire gauge. ("TV Free Dog River")

S06E13-Phil and Darren.jpg
You trying to stiff me?
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