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"Dark Circles"
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Season: Five — Episode: 4
Director: David Storey — Writer: Brent Butt — Aired: October 22, 2007 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: Hank tries to freak out the people of Dog River but a crop circle he didn't make appears. At the Leroy's, a paint job drives Oscar to move in with Davis who thinks he's divorcing Emma. Brent's new black work shirt changes his personality, which intrigues Lacey.


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I think my fake crop circles probably signalled the aliens to come here. Welcome to earth. Welcome space brothers to our humble planet. I didn't even know that's what I was writing.
— Hank
At Corner Gas, a pushy salesman intimidates Brent into buying unspecified merchandise and winks at Lacey. Lacey maligns Brent for being a pushover while he mentions that his blue work shirt was accidentally put in the trash. At the Leroy's, Oscar's upset that Emma's hired a painter and threatens to leave, as the fumes make him sick. Outside Corner Gas, Hank tells Wanda that he has a plan he wants to share with Brent. Afraid Wanda will make fun of him if he tells her, Wanda's able to elicit an apology from Hank. Inside, Hank won't buy the items merchandise and Brent refuses to be a plan of Hank's plan, to make a UFO crop circle. In front of the Foo Mart, Oscar invites himself to stay at Davis' house and implies that he and Emma are separating. Karen is ambivalent when she hears the news.

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It's kinda of a secretive thing.
At the Ruby Cafe, Davis and Karen tell Lacey about the Leroys but she thinks a divorce might be for the best. Davis insists they not tell anyone but later at Corner Gas, he blabs to Wanda. Learning that Oscar will be staying with Davis, Wanda warns him that he'll want Oscar to leave after less than an hour. After Davis indicates he hasn't given up hope the Leroys will reconcile, Wanda tells Brent that his parents are splitting. However, Brent's more worried about his replacement work shirt, which is black. At the Ruby, Hank tells Karen that he saw weird lights over Bucht's farm the evening before and convinces her to check the field out. At the Leroy's, Phil the painter is concerned when Emma starts hallucinating due to the paint fumes.

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Ooh, but this spaghetti is awful.
At Corner Gas, while doing a crossword, Wanda refuses to obey Brent until she sees him in his new black shirt. She jumps to work immediately and Brent realizes his shirt cowed her into submitting. The next morning at Davis', Oscar drinks all the milk but Davis sympathetically lets it go. At the Ruby, Lacey notices Brent's new shirt. Brent acts aloof and effuses about a hot rod he wants while reading a magazine and chewing on a toothpick. Lacey laughs and looks at Brent with interest. Outside the Leroy's, Davis checks on Emma and believes that her reaction to the paint fumes is distress over breaking up with Oscar. At Corner Gas, Lacey tells Wanda that she's unnerved by black shirt Brent. Wanda belittles Lacey's concern but responds instantly to Brent's order to clean the bathrooms.

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This is getting to you, isn't it?
At the Corner Gas pumps, Hank tells Brent that he made a crop circle at Bucht's farm which Karen is investigating. Brent points out that since there's no crops yet, Hank made a dirt circle. Brent suggests Hank just read a book if he wants to freak people out but Hank decides he'll continue with UFO pranks. Brent relates that he's playing up that the black shirt has everyone on edge. Oscar catches Hank flattening a circle in Davis' grass and calls the police. Karen arrests Hank and putting him in handcuffs, seats him in the back of the police cruiser. While at the Corner Gas pumps, Brent rebuffs a customer's attempt at conversation. Wanda catches Lacey looking at Brent with desire, calls her "Drooly" and teases that Lacey likes a bad boy.

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Ya freaked out?
In the police cruiser, Hank's alarmed that Karen found a circle burned into the field at Bucht's farm. Karen easily coerces Hank into believing a real UFO made the mark. Driving him to the field, Karen's alarmed to find a crowd and Davis already on the scene. He orders her to call in the RCMP. Davis keeps everyone behind police tape erected around the circle and posits there may be radiation. Karen says it's a prank but Hank reminds her that she convinced him the circle was made by a UFO. On the deck of the Ruby, Wanda introduces Lacey to Marko, a creepy guy who drives a muscle car and wears a black shirt. Driving back to town, Hank thinks his dirt circle signalled the aliens to land. Karen confesses she made the burned circle and to evade being arrested, she accepts Hank's offer to take the blame.

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Hey, not so close!
Lacey's not interested in Marko and leaves, so he starts hitting on Wanda. Arriving home, Davis finds Oscar in his pajamas, demanding dinner. Davis offers to buy supper at the Ruby which Oscar agrees to, as long as he doesn't have to change. At the Corner Gas pumps, Marko continues to try and pick Wanda up until Brent arrives and tells her to fill out the purchase orders. As Marko compliments Brent's shirt and picks his ear with a toothpick, which he then puts in his mouth, Brent realizes what he's become. At the Ruby as Josh gives Davis pie for him and Oscar, Emma arrives, responding to an invitation from Davis. He soon learns about the painting and that the Leroy's marriage is fine. Accepting Emma's request that he continue to allow guests to stay over, Davis ends up hosting both Leroys.

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He put me off toothpicks for a while.
Having thrown away the black shirt, on the Ruby's deck, Brent tells Lacey that he doesn't need it to get people's attention. However, Lacey's interest in Brent wanes as she recalls how black shirt Brent made her feel. Marko is now at the farm where Hank announces to the crowd that he burned the circle. Everyone's in disbelief as Hank is congratulated by Farmer Buncht and others for pulling off such a great prank. Buncht declines pressing charges until a little girl, who witnessed Karen burning the circle, shows everyone proof that Karen did it. The crowd's mood turns, sympathy for Hank taking the rap abounds and Karen is arrested.

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You made a mockery of the badge.
Back in his blue work shirt, Brent runs to the Ruby asking Lacey for help as the pushy salesman has returned with the merchandise. Telling him he doesn't need a black shirt to be strong, Brent ignores Lacey and dons a black apron. Swaggering back into Corner Gas, the salesman makes fun of Brent, asking how his muffins are. Brent pushes back and tells the salesman to scram. Lacey watches Brent dreamily until Wanda catches her again.



  • This is one of two episodes where Davis and Karen drive separate police cars. The two cars are seen at 13:13 as Davis investigates the burned circle. They also drove separate cars when arguing whose vehicle should be called "Car One." ("Ruby Reborn")
  • Tim Allen, who plays the gas customer, had different roles in eleven episodes of the show.


"That's not fair. I don't just make fun of your plans. I make fun of your clothes and your truck. I make fun of how broke you are and the stupid things you say and the weird smell that comes off you sometimes. Don't I?"
―Wanda to Hank
"Aw, you know, he just seems different lately. He's not his usual happy-go-lucky, well, goofy-go-lucky, goofy-go-lazy. You know, he's just not himself. And honestly, I find this new blacked shirted Brent to be a little unnerving."
"I can't wait for crops, I wanna freak people out now."
"That was blue shirt Brent. Black shirt Brent would eat crunchy peanut butter right off a spoon. No bread. He's a bad boy and you like it."
―Wanda to Lacey


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