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"Crab Apple Cooler"
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Season: Six — Episode: 16
Director: Don McCutcheon — Writer: Andrew Carr — Aired: March 23, 2009 — Viewers (millions): 1.18
Summary: Brent and Hank decide to take a trip down memory lane stealing crab apples from a neighbour's yard. No one wants Oscar on their charades team, until he proves his skills. Davis and Wanda find reasons to write angry complaint letters to companies in hopes of getting free stuff.


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Well, normally 10 year olds raid crab apple trees and we drive them around, scare them a bit. You know, tell them that they're making bad life decisions. But in Hank's case, he's already done that.
— Karen
At the Ruby Cafe, Lacey, Karen, Emma and Oscar decide to play charades. At Corner Gas, Davis finds Wanda writing an angry email to "Crispy Spuds" complaining that her bag of chips was soggy. As Brent and Hank walk pass Old Man Hafford's house, they recall stealing crab apples from his tree when they were kids. Deciding to relive the past, Brent pulls his groin trying to climb the fence and Hank bangs his knee. After Wanda finishes her complaint email, she writes a scathing email on Davis' behalf to "Zoinks Cola." At the Leroy's, the ladies draw straws and Lacey is partnered with Oscar. At Corner Gas, Brent convinces Hank to sneak into Hafford's yard again in order to retrieve a flying ring Brent lost and a football Hank lost there when they were kids.

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You pull your groin?
At the Leroy's, Oscar guesses Lacey's clue to a movie with her first motion. Emma can't guess Karen's movie as she only keeps moving her hands up and down. Some days later, Davis enters Corner Gas and shows Wanda he's received many items from Zoinks Cola. Wanda reluctantly admits she's received nothing from Crispy Spuds. In Hafford's yard, Brent and Hank pick crab apples. Brent notices Hafford approaching and runs, leaving Hank alone to be caught trespassing. Hafford call the police and Karen responds. She agrees with Hafford's suggestion that Hank work off his crime so that Karen doesn't have to arrest him and do paperwork. In front of the Police station, Wanda shows Davis a Crispy Spuds jacket, which she claimed she received as compensation. As he mentions that Wanda already had a jacket from them, she lies they also gave her a Hawaiian cruise to tour their facilities.

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Do something different.
At the Ruby, Emma critisizes Karen's poor charade skills. Oscar agrees to be paired with Karen for the next game. At Corner Gas, a guilty Brent hears that Hank's working for Hafford and was made to eat a bunch of crab apples, which he vomited up. At the Leroy's, Lacey gives Emma an excellent clue to her movie which Emma can't get, but Karen gets once Emma's time is up. At Corner Gas, Davis has to flatter Wanda to get her to write a complaint email to a microwave popcorn company. At the Ruby's deck, Brent tells Hank he put toilet paper in Hafford's tree to get back at him. However, this results in Hank having to clean up the mess, since he's still working for Hafford. At the Leroy's, Oscar's paired with Karen and immediately guesses right, even though Karen uses the same arm motions she did with Emma.

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It is not Julius Caesar.
Some days later at the Corner Gas pumps, Davis shows an annoyed Wanda all the items he received from the popcorn company and she decides to write another letter to Crispy Spuds. At the Ruby, Emma threatens Oscar to make him agree to be her partner for charades. At Corner Gas, Wanda tells a bewildered Emma who she's writing to. Davis overhears and asks why she's writing Crispy Spuds, since they supposedly gave her major compensation. She lies that the facility tour is limited. At Hafford's, Brent helps Hank clean up the toilet paper. Hafford tells them that after his shed is cleaned, they can go. Brent works by himself in the shed and sees the lost flying ring and football. Later on Centennial Street, Brent shows Hank he retrieved the ring but to Hank's anger, he didn't get the football.

I'm here to share the wealth.
At the Leroy's, Oscar has a sore neck and wants to call off the game. Emma's determined to play and plies Oscar with beer to loosen him up. At Corner Gas, Wanda proudly shows off a box of items from Crispy Spuds to Brent and Davis. After she leaves, Davis admits that he sent the box to Wanda. At the Leroy's, Karen uses her same arm motions during charades and Lacey guesses right. Oscar gets up to play but is very high and Emma can't get his clues. He lies down and reveals that he was on pain killers for his neck when Emma gave him the beer. While on the floor, he feeds Emma another clue, which she doesn't get, but Lacey does. Brent and Hank play with the flying ring near Hafford's and Hank purposely throws it into Hafford's yard. Hank makes Brent retrieve his football, pass it to him and then takes off. Hafford catches Brent in his yard and makes him eat four buckets of crab apples. However, Brent doesn't get sick and asks for more.

Let's just say it pays to be persistent.



"Ladies, ladies, please. There's only so much of Oscar to go around."


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