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"Cousin Carl"
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Season: One — Episode: 8
Director: Rob W. King — Writer: Chris Finn — Aired: March 10, 2004 — Viewers (millions): 1.16
Summary: Brent's successful cousin Carl, now working in England, comes back to visit Dog River and everyone seems to love him except for Brent. At the town's talent show, Brent's dislike of Carl is justified. Davis' love of puppetry turns sour after the talent night and Oscar tries to get a refund for his old beer bottles.


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I don't know how we all missed it, but Carl is kind of a dink.
— Emma
At Corner Gas, as Brent listens to Helen Jensen demand a refund for a bad movie she rented, he daydreams of his "happy place" occupied by two beautiful angels who dote on him with hot dogs. Oscar interrupts his dream and insulting Helen, demands Brent pump gas for him. At the Ruby Cafe, Lacey approves Wanda putting up a flyer announcing Dog River's 17th Annual Talent Show. After discussing the set design, Wanda leaves and as Brent asks for his bill from Lacey, his cousin, Carl Vaughn, dressed in a suit, enters and announces his arrival to Brent's disdain. At the Leroy's, after Emma tells Oscar she's going out to buy plant food, he insists there's some in the basement. He returns with a case of old, empty beer bottles and forgetting why he went in the basement, leaves to get the deposit money.

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Your pudding bath is ready.
At the Ruby, Carl talks about living in London, England, the celebrities he's met and successes at his workplace. Brent responds with pointed barbs. Hank enters and while catching up with Carl, in private, Lacey asks Brent why he's insulting Carl so much. Brent can only explain that Carl rubs him the wrong way but promises to be nicer. After Carl promises Hank he'll stay for the talent show, Carl gives Hank an antique watch. This results in Brent daydreaming that Carl is Hank's new best friend and that Lacey is in love with him. Brent insults the watch and leaves. Following Brent into Corner Gas, Carl confronts Brent that his success makes Brent feel small. Denying it, Brent daydreams of his happy place, but the angels are occupied with Carl and laugh at Brent.

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That's a nice gift, eh Brent?
Emma arrives and after hugging Carl, invites him and Brent for dinner and tells Brent to bring Lacey. Carl implores Brent to be civil causing Brent to become defensive. At the Liquor store, Oscar tries to return his empties but proprietor, Wes Humboldt, tells Oscar the bottles are extremely old and aren't used anymore. Oscar flies into a rage over being denied $1.20 and yells he'll never return. At the Leroy's, Brent discusses his dislike of Carl with Emma. Insisting Carl doesn't make him feel emasculated, Emma comforts and babies him. In front of the Police station, Karen refuses to play the puppet to ventriloquist Davis in the talent show. Interrupted by Oscar, he complains about Wes and demanding his arrest, Davis gives Oscar $1.20 and lies that Wes asked him to pass on the money. Oscar's still not satisfied and wants a formal apology from Wes.

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Stubby Heidelbergs?
At dinner, Brent continues to insult Carl. Emma brings out a photo album which she shows Lacey. Seeing pictures of Brent and Carl in high school reminds Carl of the comedy act he did with Brent called "Sheckle and Jekyll." Taking some convincing, Brent agrees to revive the act for the talent show. Having brewed his own beer called "Oscar-Brau" in the basement, Oscar shares a glass with everyone and complains about Wes. No one will drink the beer, due to its foul odor, and Brent gives Oscar $1.20 and lies that it came from Wes. Oscar refuses to dump the beer until he gets an apology from Wes but privately, he pours it into the garden by Emma's tomato plants. At the Town Hall, Hank tells Brent he's unprepared as due to the watch Carl gave him, he thought the show was on another day.

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Were you guys on the Gong Show?

Realizing that complaining about the situation with Wes gets him money, Oscar badgers a waitress at the show who forks over $1.20. Host Wanda kicks-off the talent show and the first act is Davis, who with a sock puppet, makes bad blonde jokes directed at Karen to little reaction from the audience. Mayor Fitzy's act is blowing up a balloon and after asking for an animal to be named, he draws the animal on the balloon. Using a dummy dressed like a cop, Karen makes fun of Davis to many laughs, but gets angry glares from Davis. Brent and Carl launch into their act which involves a pie-in-the-face and Carl turning into a mad scientist. Lacey compliments Emma for bringing Brent and Carl together and healing their rift.

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I don't know. I'm stupid.

S01E08-Karen's act.jpg
I like to eat donuts.

Due to being unprepared, Hank's magic act involves imaginary steel rings that he nervously pretends to pull apart. Acting as the judge, Lacey announces Hank is the show's winner to the crowd's applause. Flabbergasted, Carl yells he should have won, insults Dog River and leaves. Emma's shocked but Brent isn't and daydreams that Carl's outburst is a compliment to Brent's part of the act. Receiving compliments for charitably picking Hank as the winner, Lacey says Hank truly was the best act. Wanda wraps up the show but reminds everyone that Oscar is accepting money to shut up about the "bottle thing." The next day, Emma is mystified to find her tomatoes have grown immensely. At Corner Gas, as Helen complains about another movie rental, Brent daydream about his happy place, where the angels once again dote on him and the "Man from Glad" appears and says Brent should have won the talent show.

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The Mystifying Hank-Olio.



"What do ya mean, Hank?! He didn't even have an act! I shoulda won! You yokels wouldn't know a good thing if you saw it! Ooh! Hick town! I never shoulda come here."


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