Corner Gas

Corner Gas Logo 01.jpg Gas Station and Store
Location: Dog RiverFirst Appearance: "Ruby Reborn"

Well, we are the only station within 60 clicks. We're on two major trucking routes, plus one of our employees sometimes wears a push-up bra.
— Brent, "Tax Man".

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Corner Gas Interior.
Corner Gas is the only gas station in Dog River and for 60 kilometers. ("Tax Man") It is owned by Brent Leroy, but was founded by Oscar Leroy in 1968. ("Grad '68") Wanda Dollard is the station's cashier. Besides operating as a gas station and garage, it offers basic food products, hunting licenses, magazines, video and rug cleaner rentals, key cutting and other conveniences. Its first appearance is in the Season 1 episode "Ruby Reborn".


  • The only episode in which the interior of the station is not seen is when everyone remembers going to the Grey Cup. ("I Love Lacey")
  • The station's softball team is called the "Guzzlers." ("Slow Pitch")
  • Corner Gas is seen at night for the first time as Wanda and Hank view a meteor shower through a telescope. ("Telescope Trouble")
  • Other people who worked at the station include Kyle, Pam, ("Just Brent and His Shadow") Lacey, Karen and Emma. ("Happy Campers")
  • Emma mentions that when Oscar owned the station, she did the books and inventory. ("Outside the Box")
  • An auction poster is often seen behind the counter which has the name of Director of Photography Ken Krawczyk in the title.
  • Corner Gas and The Ruby were set structures and no longer exist. They were dismantled on November 4, 2016.


"I built this place, from the ground up."
―Oscar, "The Accidental Cleanist".
"This place will always be the pillar of the community."
―Oscar, "The Accidental Cleanist".


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