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"Contagious Fortune"
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Season: Five — Episode: 14
Director: Jack Beesley — Writer: Norm Hiscock, Dylan Worts — Aired: March 10, 2008 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: Lacey is suspicious about the illegal duplication of Dog River dollars when Oscar buys presents for Emma. Brent and Wanda panic over Hank's pinkeye and Karen is frustrated that Davis keeps copying her.


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I said I'd be back. You can't stop my pink eye revenge! Go my pets, spread your pink wrath, as I have commanded you!
— Wanda
At Corner Gas, Hank drinks Wanda's pop while Brent watches. At the Ruby Cafe, Lacey introduces Oscar to Dog River Dollars (DRDs). Oscar doesn't want them until a customer says he'll take them. At Corner Gas, Hank arrives wearing sunglasses and is teased until it's discovered that he has pink eye. Brent tells Hank to leave but he's too busy scratching his eye with a chocolate bar. Pressuring him more, Hank finally leaves in disgust and throws the bar on the floor. Brent and Wanda argue over who'll pick the bar up. At the Ruby, Karen orders breakfast and Davis copies her order. At the Foo Mart, Emma wants a Dog River chip clip but Oscar is told that it can only be bought with DRDs. Oscar doesn't have enough and is pressured by Emma to get more DRDs.

S05E14-Oscar Emma Foo Mart.jpg
I want a clip for my chips.
At the Ruby, Lacey isn't concerned Hank has pink eye, but Davis and Karen are repelled when they see Hank's eye. Hank puts his eye medicine into a glass of juice instead of his eye. At Corner Gas, Brent and Wanda try to get Davis and Karen to pick up the infected chocolate bar by saying it's on sale. Davis buys everything that Karen buys. At the Ruby as Josh cooks, Oscar demands more DRDs from Lacey and is confused when she tells him the food he'll have to buy to get some. Oscar heads to the Police station and after getting Karen's permission to use the photocopier, he makes counterfeit DRDs. However, he doesn't know how to use the copier and makes too many. He then returns home and gives chip dip to Emma who complains she wanted a chip clip.

S05E14-Hank pink eye.jpg
Kick him out and burn his clothes!
At the Ruby, Davis copies Karen's lunch order resulting in Karen asking for too much food. Hank returns to Corner Gas but is ejected by Brent before he's able to show that his eye is healed. However, Wanda now has pink eye, which she tries to pass off as allergies. Brent and Hank leave the station, then go back in and chase Wanda out with a broom. Wanda jumps up on the window and vows revenge on Hank. Oscar returns home after a shopping spree with a chip clip for Emma and several other items. Asking how Oscar could afford everything, Emma's distracted when Oscar gives her a pair of earrings. In front of the Police station, Karen annoys Davis by copying how he swings his handcuffs.

Corner Gas-s05e14-Contagious Fortune 1.gif
I'll be back, for you!
Hank acts as security at Corner Gas and screen Emma from entering until she shows her eyes are healthy. Wanda sneaks into the station through the Ruby and is followed by Lacey with a broom. Wanda rubs her infected eye and hands on the counter before being swept out of the store, curling-style. She vows to return and spread more germs. At the Police station, Karen copies Davis drinking coffee but stops when Davis pours his coffee on his lap. On Centennial Street, Emma admires a blouse in a store window which Oscar says he'll buy for her. He then gives DRDs to a boy wearing a green hat, who has dropped his ice cream cone, until the boy becomes too pushy.

S05E14-Brent Lacey Hank scared.jpg
Oh, this isn't over.

At Corner Gas, Brent refuses to accept Lacey's DRDs as he sees that they're counterfeit, due to a hair, or crack, (hairy crack) on the grain elevator on the dollar. Wondering who would stoop so low, at the Police station, Oscar copies dozens of the dollars as Davis walks by the photocopier. The next morning at Brent's house, Brent wakes up with pink eye. Hank arrives at Corner Gas and is alarmed to see Wanda inside until she shows him that he eye has cleared up. Brent arrives with a towel and swimming goggles and lies that his eye is red from swimming pool chlorine. Wanda sees through the fib and pushes Brent outside with a broom.

S05E14-Oscar counterfeiting.jpg
The town could be screwed out of tens of dollars.

S05E14-Brent pink eye.jpg
Oh, no!

On Centennial Street, Davis writes up a parking ticket which Karen copies. Lacey makes them aware of the counterfeit DRDs but grows frustrated and leaves when the two officers copy what each other say and ignore the problem. At the Ruby, Lacey notices Emma's new blouse and earrings and is surprised to learn Oscar bought them for her, given his history of bad gift-giving. Emma gives her a tip using a DRD and Lacey sees that it's a counterfeit. At the Ruby counter, Davis can't decide what to order and is tired of Karen copying what he says. He agrees to not copy her food orders if she'll stop mimicking him. Karen plans to order pork chops and Davis asks for the daily special, which is pork chops. At Corner Gas, Hank and Wanda lock the front door to keep Brent out but he nearly gets in the back door.

S05E14-Davis Karen tickets.jpg
Who's she copying?
Brent calls and tells Hank that Wanda dropped a hair elastic. Scared that he can see them, they turn around and find Brent inside, having squeezed in through the bathroom window. Brent rubs his eyes and chases them outside. Claiming Corner Gas as his own, he soon comes to regret it when Wanda tells him the work to be done in the station and she and Hank leave to get a beer. At the Ruby, Oscar tries to pay for his and Emma's meals with DRDs but Lacey says they're counterfeits and accuses Oscar of the crime. Oscar caves and tries to blame Davis and Karen for letting him use their photocopier. Emma claims innocence and told he's not going to jail, Oscar thinks he can pay Lacey back by washing dishes, but she wants real money instead. Later on the deck of the Ruby, Brent, Hank and Wanda reminisce about having pink eye.

S05E14-Hank Wanda scared.jpg
Oh, geez! How did you get in here?


  • The store where Emma admires a blouse on a mannequin (Crystal's Boutique), uses the building which houses the Foo Mart.
  • The dishwashing area in The Ruby changes significantly from when Emma helped Lacey when her dishwashing machine broke. ("Dress for Success")
  • Episode co-writer Dylan Worts portrays the Ruby customer.


"Hey, Yarbo! I'm coming back for you! You made me like this. I'll be back, for you!"
"I claim this gas station in the name of pink eye!"


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