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Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Amy Price-Francis
First Appearance: "Friend of a Friend"
Episode Count: 1
All I know is your friend's a bitch.
— Emma, "Friend of a Friend".

Connie is a college friend of Lacey's who visits Dog River.


Season 3

Lacey's friend, Connie, arrives at the Ruby Cafe where Lacey introduces her to Davis and Karen and then leaves to talk to Josh. Connie calls Davis hefty but when Lacey returns, she says goodbye cordially. Davis is left wondering if Connie insulted him. In front of Corner Gas, Lacey introduces Connie to Hank and Brent. After Brent shakes Connie's hand and she learns he owns the station, she holds her hand up and says she needs to wash it. Brent asks Hank if he thought Connie was being rude. At the Hotel bar, Paul meets Connie who tells Lacey she's engaged and asks her to be maid of honour. Lacey discovers Connie is marrying a friend's ex-husband, who she may have stolen away. Connie approaches the bar and leaves after insulting Paul and Hank. Lacey tries to get confirmation from Brent and Hank that Connie is great but they evade her question.

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Connie, you made it.
At the Ruby, Oscar asks Connie to pass him the ketchup. When she won't and Oscar keeps asking, she claims Oscar is harassing her and insists that Davis arrest Oscar. When Davis refuses, Connie calls Oscar homeless and insults Davis scathingly. Outside, Connie blows by Emma who tries to politely introduce herself. Emma tries to tell Lacey about Connie's rudeness but Lacey thinks that Emma is projecting Oscar's rudeness onto Connie until Emma makes it plain what she feels about Connie's behaviour. Davis gives Hank a recorder to tape Connie with and later on Main Street, Hank approaches Connie who implies he's a vagrant and tells him to take a bath. Hank leaves, satisfied he has proof on tape. The tape doesn't work when Hank plays it for Lacey and she's angry to learn of the ploy.

S03E14-Connie Oscar
I just asked her for ketchup.
At the Ruby, Lacey gathers Brent, Emma, Davis and Hank in a booth and tells them that she's always known Connie is rude. Saying she stays friends with Connie out of sympathy, Lacey doesn't know Connie's in the booth behind her. Connie confronts Lacey which Brent comments is awkward. Outside the Ruby, as Connie ties into Lacey, she stills wants Lacey to be her maid of honour. Having not met her, Wanda approaches Connie and says she's heard about her rudeness. Sensing a fight brewing, Lacey tells Wanda that she doesn't need to confront Connie but Wanda brushes Lacey off with a barb about her pants. Connie agrees with Wanda and as they both insult Lacey, they find kinship. Lacey leaves in a huff and they both comment on her rudeness. ("Friend of a Friend")

S03E14-Lacey Connie
You knew she was rude?


"Should we tell someone if someone's friend's being rude to someone?"
―Hank about Connie


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