Clavet Cup

Clavet Cup Logo 01.jpg Curling Trophy
Location: Dog RiverFirst Appearance: "Hurry Hard"

Some people say Archie Clavet could slide a cup of coffee down the length of the ice, draw it dead to the button, without spilling a drop.
Davis, "Hurry Hard".

S02E11-Emma Oscar cup.jpg
Emma and Oscar with the Clavet Cup.
The Clavet Cup is awarded to the winner of the annual Dog River Bonspiel. It's named after Archie Clavet, reputed to be Dog River's best curler. Guarded by Dog River's police force, residents hold the cup in reverence and want to hold it. Both Davis and Karen have lost the cup and have a drawer full of replacements. Its only appearance is in the Season 2 episode "Hurry Hard".


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