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"Classical Gas"
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Season: Five — Episode: 8
Director: David Storey — Writer: Mark Farrell — Aired: January 14, 2008 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: The Leroys are visited by their former foster child, Jonathan, who has become a doctor in Kenya. Emma and Oscar's smothering of Jonathan becomes a problem that Brent helps him resolve. Wanda hides that she's poor at math by using her pupil, Karen. Lacey adds "classic" to items on the Ruby's menu, fooling Davis into eating dishes he normally wouldn't.


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Look, I'm not proud of this but despite my gluttony and my awesome string collecting abilities, I do feel inadequate next to Jonathan. And I think he should leave.
— Brent
While Brent, Emma and Oscar watch TV at the Leroy's, the doorbell rings. Answering it, Oscar discovers it's Jonathan, who the Leroys sponsored as a child. In Canada from Kenya, he decided to visit and thank them for their help. Oscar says "you're welcome" and closes the door in Jonathan's face. With Jonathan inside, the Leroys are thrilled to learn he's a doctor. Emma remembers that Oscar didn't understand the program to foster children and thought he needed to take a local child from the Foster family. At Corner Gas, the drawer of the cash register is stuck so Karen offers to help Wanda but ends up breaking the register. At the Ruby Cafe, Lacey's added new items to the menu and uses "delicious" and "fabulous" to describe them. She's disappointed when Davis and Mayor Fitzy aren't interested in ordering them.

S05E08-Karen breaks drawer.jpg
You have another one of these, right?
At Corner Gas, finding the register is broken, Hank challenges Wanda to add up his purchases in her head. She does so but after Hank leaves, Karen points out Wanda's math was incorrect. At the Ruby, Brent and Oscar introduce Jonathan to Lacey and Hank. Hank bluntly tells Jonathan that he and Brent are like brothers. Oscar effuses about Jonathan which Hank thinks can't be easy on Brent. At Corner Gas, Wanda admits to Karen she can't do basic math and blackmails Karen to keep her secret and help her. Emma arrives at the Ruby and invites Brent and Jonathan over for dinner. Hank tries to build Brent up by bragging about how much he can eat. At Corner Gas, Oscar brings Jonathan and asks Wanda to add the cost of several items in her head. Wanda has Karen do it and verifies her answer. This impresses Oscar, who then belittles Karen, and confuses Jonathan.

S05E08-Jonathan Ruby intro.jpg
I have a brother & you don't even bat an eye?
While shopping at the Foo Mart, Lacey tells Emma that no one's buying her new menu items. Lacey decries the effectiveness of marketing but buys several items described as "classic." Later, listening to the radio in her car, Lacey hears the station use the work "classic" many times and "dynamite" once and an idea hits her. At the Ruby, she advertises her dynamite chili which Davis doesn't want until it's described as "classic." At dinner at the Leroy's, Emma dotes over Jonathan and makes him have vegetables. Hank arrives with a ball of string Brent made in grade school and boasts it was second biggest in their class. No one's impressed and Oscar compliments Jonathan for saving a village. At the Ruby, the classic goat cheese omelette is a hit with Davis, Fitzy and Hank but Lacey nearly messes up the order by not saying "classic" when placing it.

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Oh, goat and cheese in the same omelette?
While leaving the Leroy's, Jonathan is forced to wear a sweater by Emma and call her "Mom." At the Ruby, Lacey tells Brent that Emma wants him to call her when Jonathan arrives. After Brent makes a joke about the situation, Hank goes on about how funny Brent is and that all doctors would be envious of him. While Wanda gasses up a customer's truck, Glen, he asks her a math question involving shingling a roof. Wanda calls 911 to get Karen to arrive and handle the question. In front of the Police station, a clicking in Davis' knee has Oscar promising that Jonathan will look at it. Oscar then breaks the fourth wall and showing a picture of a young Jonathan, parodies child sponsorship commercials. Karen does the calculation for Glen, which Wanda OKs but then apologizes to Glen that Karen called shingles, "tiles."

S05E08-Oscar w pic.jpg
A few pennies a day.
That evening at the Hotel bar, Hank plays Brent's generosity up to Jonathan. But after Brent can't lend Hank any money, Jonathan gives him $20. Hank then gives the $20 to Brent and asks to borrow it. Wanda apologizes for embarrassing Karen in front of those she's getting her to do math for, explaining she needs to keep up appearances. Promising to be more respectful, Wanda immediately pokes fun at Karen when Hank asks her to add up a bar tab. Sitting at the bar, Lacey sees Phil has a sign for classic nachos. Winking to him that she gets the marketing ploy, Phil thinks she's drunk and asks for someone to drive her home. To show how sturdy Brent is, Hank runs into him while he's sitting. At the Leroy's, a family picture is taken with Jonathan. Emma and Oscar pressure Jonathan into agreeing to set up his practice in Dog River.

S05E08-Wanda Karen bar.jpg
Too busy tutoring Constable Kindergarten.
At the Corner Gas pumps, Jonathan tells Brent he doesn't want to live in Dog River and that Emma's driving him crazy. Surprisingly, Jonathan's fine with Oscar but begs Brent for help. Davis overhears Jonathan talk about Lacey's "classic" trick and drives to the Ruby, leaving Brent holding his gas cap. Davis confronts Lacey, who isn't sorry about her ploy as Davis tried new dishes. Davis leaves in a huff and heads to Corner Gas where he asks Wanda to add up the cost of all the "classic" meals he's had at the Ruby. With an audience, Wanda tells Karen, as her protegée, to do the math. Karen is self-deprecating which Wanda piles onto. At the Ruby, Emma and Oscar show Jonathan the family photo, in which Brent is cut out. Claiming jealousy, Brent says he doesn't want Jonathan to stay which shocks his parents.

S05E08-Davis Lacey huff.jpg
I'm going to the bar for nachos.
At Corner Gas, Davis insists on Wanda doing the math. Wanda takes a guess which Karen refutes, showing the correct total on her calculator. However, not believing Wanda could be wrong, Davis says Karen messed up, even with a calculator. Thinking she's over-stressed, Davis escorts her out while Karen protests that she's the math whiz. The crowd asks Wanda to do more math but she declines. At the Ruby as Josh cooks, Emma and Oscar try to work things out with Jonathan but Brent keeps his act up that he feels inferior when Jonathan's around. Jonathan announces he's leaving and looks at Brent with gratitude. Hank thinks Brent has gone too far and rebukes Brent for attacking his "brother."

S05E08-Hank Lacey.jpg
You're listening to Oscar?!
Outside, Jonathan thanks Brent who believes that by getting Jonathan to return to Africa, he's saved many lives. Some time later at the Ruby, Brent shows Lacey a postcard from Jonathan, who is building a hospital in Nigeria. Davis hesitantly returns to the Ruby and Lacey apologizes for tricking him. Accepting her apology, Lacey gets Davis to order stew by using "home style" to describe it. At Corner Gas, Wanda's frustrated as customers continue to harangue her to do math problems. The repaired cash register arrives and the delivery man asks Wanda to total up what's owed, exasperating her.

S05E08-Delivery Guy.jpg
What's that make?


  • The episode title is a spoof on the song Classical Gas.
  • The Comedy Network, which showed each new episode on the Saturday night after its CTV premiere, accidentally showed this episode a month early, on December 15, 2007.
  • Jackass!: While setting up a camera to take a family photo with Jonathan, Oscar tells Brent he knows what he's doing and calls him a jackass.


"That's it? I say I have a brother and you don't even bat an eye?"
―Brent to Lacey
"You can't do math? But you're the smartest person in town!"
―Karen to Wanda
"I mean, doctors around the world would be envious of your wit and gas."
―Hank to Brent
"Why are you listening to Oscar? I mean, it's Oscar, you know, Oscar. Oscar. I can't be anymore clear than that."


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