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Christine Garner Logo 01 Medical Doctor

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Aurora Browne
First Appearance: "Doc Small"
Nicknames: Small Town
Episode Count: 1
It's obvious the whole town has conspired to convince me not to live here. The weird sex capades of Brent and his friends, people tossing their kids out, and the constant smothering by this woman who dresses all slutty.
— Chris, "Doc Small".

Christine Garner is a medical doctor who Lacey tries to convince to set up her practice in Dog River.


Season 2

After Lacey accepts the job of convincing a new doctor, who everyone assumes will be a man, to practice in Dog River, Lacey dresses in a provocative blouse and meets the doctor, Chris Garner, at the bus stop and is surprised she's a woman. Arriving at Corner Gas, Chris is overwhelmed by the size of Dog River as she's currently based in a smaller town. She comments on Lacey's blouse and wonders if the town has prostitution. At the Ruby Cafe, Lacey tells Chris how she took over the business from her Aunt Ruby while Chris relates she became a doctor after her father died and her brother nearly did. Emma meets Chris and drily relating that she kicked Hank out and he might be dead, Chris takes the statement seriously until Lacey tells her it's a joke. An excited Lacey announces that she thinks Chris is going to stay. However, Davis, Emma and Karen aren't impressed with Chris, who they think is a hick, and ask Lacey to get rid of her.

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Nice blouse.
Misunderstanding a conversation between Brent and Wanda gives Chris the impression Brent is gay and kicked out a roommate who is into bestiality. Entering the Ruby and still alarmed at Brent, Chris hears that Oscar threw his son out of the house (not knowing it's Brent) over an argument about drugs, that Hank is in jail and was "with" Brent and, that Davis started the "animal thing" which Karen admits she was in on with Hank. Mortified, Chris excuses herself. That evening at the Hotel bar, Brent tries to clear up the misunderstandings with Chris. Chris has an outburst in which she accuses the town of conspiring to not have her set up practice in Dog River by having "slutty" Lacey constantly with her and repelling her with what Chris perceives are the sexual antics of Brent and his friends. Later at the bus stop, Lacey tries to get Hank to clear up the confusion but he makes it worse and Chris leaves, dragging her luggage down the road. ("Doc Small")

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If you didn't want me to live here, you shoulda just said so.


"Does Dog River have a red light district?"
"I hate this place!"
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