"Cat River Daze"
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Season: Six — Episode: 11
Director: Jeff Beesley — Writer: Mark Farrell — Aired: February 16, 2009 — Viewers (millions): 0.78
Summary: Lacey sets out to save Dog River Days with the help (or hindrance) of Davis and Hank. Oscar and Karen go crazy over a cat and Brent fakes an injury to teach Wanda a lesson, ending up with a real injury in the process.


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People have lost interest in Dog River Days. Can you imagine?
— Lacey
At the Ruby Cafe as Mertyl drinks coffee, Hank talks about Archie Comics and compares Davis and Lacey to some of its characters while he's labelled as "Jughead." Lacey is concerned that Dog River Days has been cancelled and is annoyed that Davis and Hank are more interested in their continued discussion about Archie Comics. At Corner Gas, Karen contemplates getting her hair highlighted. Nearly slipping on some soup cans that are on the floor, she complains to Brent who scolds an uncaring Wanda for not stacking them. At the Leroy's garden, Emma complains to Oscar about cats that are digging it up. Oscar asks for supplies to kill the cats but Emma just wants them caught, despite being allergic to them.

Have you heard about Dog River Days?
At the Ruby, Lacey holds a committee meeting to save Dog River Days but only Davis and Hank attend. Hank proposes a dunk tank to raise money which Davis supports over Lacey's objections. At Corner Gas, Brent's miffed to see Wanda still hasn't picked the cans up off the floor. Seeing her arriving, he lays on the floor and fakes a can-related injury, which Wanda doesn't buy. At the Leroy's garden, Oscar catches the cat but takes a shine to him. The dunk tank is installed outside Corner Gas and to Hank's disappointment Davis beats him to be the "dunkee." Now on crutches, Brent arrives at Corner Gas and continues faking an injury, which Wanda doesn't believe. At the Leroy's garden, Oscar names the cat "Mittens" and gets teary when he lets him go as Emma arrives.

S06E11-Brent fakes
How could I fake this? Ow, the pain!
At the dunk tank, Davis is disappointed that no one will dunk him which he attributes to people being intimidated that he's a cop. Lacey's not afraid though and dunks him for free. Hank takes over and Lacey immediately makes $50 from Wanda, who's eager to dunk Hank. At the Leroy's garden, Karen's caught Mittens. Emma's confused that Oscar's named the cat but Karen can see that despite Oscar's protests, he likes Mittens. At Corner Gas, Brent continues to fake an injury and hobbles around on crutches. Wanda arrives and he rebukes her for skipping work to dunk Hank. Wanda provokes Brent by threatening to call his doctor and moving to stop her, he slips on one of the cans and truly injuries his ankle. Crying out for Wanda to call his doctor, Wanda still thinks Brent is faking.

S06E11-Brent falls
Way to go, I just stacked those.
In order to be the one people want to dunk, Davis hands out tickets all over town. A crowd gathers at the dunk tank, clamouring for Davis who lauds his unpopularity over Hank. Karen takes Mittens to an animal shelter which Oscar follows her to. Oscar still protests not liking Mittens but when they hear shelter worker Wendy Carlyle say that if Mittens isn't claimed in a week he'll go to "a better place", Oscar's concerned. Indicating he can't take Mittens, due to Emma's allergies, he guilts Karen into taking him. Emma arrives at the dunk tank and sees that Lacey's added a bouncy castle to the attractions. At Corner Gas, Brent's ankle is in a brace and Wanda apologizes for not believing him, having hurt him several times after the injury. About to say she'll cover for Brent at work, she sees the bouncy castle and rushes outside.

S06E11-Wendy Pet Shelter
Will you take him?
Demanding to bounce, Lacey tells her that it's for kids only. But when Wanda shows Lacey that she meets the height requirement, she dives into the castle despite Lacey's protests. At Corner Gas, Emma brings Brent a chili cheese dog, which she crushed his pain pills into. Brent whines and asks why he can't go outside and play which brings a motherly recrimination from Emma. At Karen's house, Oscar plays with Mittens and Karen leaves for work. At the dunk tank, Hank reminds the townsfolk how many annoying things he's done over the years. This prompts them to want to dunk Hank, which he then lauds over Davis. At the Leroy's, Oscar lamely tries to explain a scratch on his neck to Emma, who sneezes when she nears him.

S06E11-Wanda castle
I want to bounce, how much to bounce?
At Karen's house, she puts tinfoil in her hair in order to highlight it. A boy selling chocolates rings her door bell and seeing her dishevelled state, calls her a "cat lady." She denies this but when Mittens runs outside, she chases after him in her bathrobe. At the bouncy castle, Lacey tells off Wanda for eating a candy apple while bouncing. Wanda rebuffs Lacey's complaint so she heads in to stop Wanda. However, Lacey is quickly bounced out of the castle. At the Leroy's, Emma finds a receipt for cat food in Oscar's pants which he lies is for him and then for Brent. At Corner Gas, a lonely Brent is disappointed to hear from Davis that no one misses him outside. Davis learns that Brent thinks Hank is more annoying than him, which Hank shows by dripping water all over the floor, causing Davis to slip.

S06E11-Karen cat lady
Mittens, Mittens, I've lost my Mittens!
Karen calls Oscar at home to report that Mittens is missing. Oscar's alarmed that Emma might have picked up the call and warns Karen that Emma could lose it if she found out about their relationship with Mittens. Seeing Emma swatting at something in the garden with a shovel, Oscar drops the phone and yells out, thinking she's hitting Mittens. At the dunk tank, Davis and Hank wrestle over who should be the dunkee, causing the patrons to throws balls at them. At the Leroy's garden, Oscar finds Emma was only hammering planting rods in the ground. Karen arrives, telling Emma to step away from her shovel, until Oscar gives the all clear. Oscar admits his feelings for Mittens and is outraged when Emma has no problem with Mittens going to "a better place."

S06E11-Davis Hank wrestle
I'm the dunkable one!
Emma takes Karen, Oscar and Mittens to "A Better Place", which is a cat farm. Oscar says his farewells to Mittens and blames his tears on an onion farm. At the bouncy castle, Lacey discovers that Wanda's carrying keys. Yelling at her to come out, Wanda refuses, falls and punctures the castle, causing it to deflate. At the dunk tank, Davis and Hank are getting pummelled by water balloons until Lacey makes Wanda the dunkee. Brent is first in line to throw a ball, hits the target and Wanda plunges into the icy water. He asks Lacey for ten more balls to teach Wanda a lesson.

S06E11-Better Place
I never liked you in the first place.

At the Ruby, Brent, Davis, Lacey, Hank and Wanda are all Archie characters. As "Jughank" eats burgers, "Dilton" cautions him. "Betonica" mentions that enough money was raised from the parking lot fair that they can fund a dance. "Brentchie" suggests they hire Craig Northey and the Odds. The band plays at a sock-hop which "Widge" and the others dance at while Josh acts as "Pops." (♫ Odds - My Happy Place ♫) However, it's all a pain pill induced dream of Brent's.

Take it easy on those burgers.

Why don't we throw a dance?

We just had Dog River Days.

I'm all faired out.



  • Emma, Karen and Oscar all quote from the song The Cat Came Back.
  • "Dog River Fun Days" was first mentioned by Karen to Lacey who didn't know about the event. ("Mosquito Time")
  • Although Peter Scoular is credited as "Dunk Guy", he's clearly portrayed by Tim Allen who had different roles in eleven episodes of the show.
  • Kathryn Bracht is credited as "Dunk Guy 2" even though she's a woman.
  • Rouleau, Saskatchewan celebrated its centennial with a Dog River Days celebration in June 2005 as a tribute to the show.


"Nice try Brent, but you're not much of an actor. I mean, oh sure, you're an entertaining personality with a certain likability but not an actor."
"You gotta understand, I built up too much ill-will in this town. I was born to annoy."


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