Carl Vaughan

Carl Vaughan Logo 01.jpg Businessman

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Mike Wilmot
First Appearance: "Cousin Carl"
Last Appearance: "Cousin Carl"
Family: Oscar (uncle), Emma (aunt), Brent (cousin)
Episode Count: 1
I don't know how we all missed it, but Carl is kind of a dink.
— Emma, "Cousin Carl".

Carl Vaughan is Brent's cousin who formerly lived in Dog River but became a successful businessman based in London, England. Brent is jealous of Carl's success and believes that Carl looks down on those in his birth place, despite Carl not showing it. During high school, Brent and Carl had a comedy routine where Brent played "Sheckle", a Catskills comedian, and Carl played Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.


Season 1

At the Ruby Cafe, after Wanda posts a flyer announcing Dog River's 17th Annual Talent Show, Carl, dressed in a suit, enters and announces his arrival to Brent's disdain. Carl talks about living in London, England, the celebrities he's met and successes at his workplace. Brent responds with pointed barbs. Hank enters and while catching up with Carl, in private, Lacey asks Brent why he's insulting Carl so much. Brent can only explain that Carl rubs him the wrong way but promises to be nicer. After Carl promises Hank he'll stay for the talent show, Carl gives Hank an antique watch. This results in Brent day dreaming that Carl is Hank's new best friend and that Lacey is in love with him. Brent insults the watch and leaves. Following Brent into Corner Gas, Carl confronts Brent that his success makes Brent feel small.

S01E08-Carl kisses Lacey.jpg
That's a nice gift, eh Brent?
Emma arrives and after hugging Carl, invites him and Brent for dinner and tells Brent to bring Lacey. At the Leroy's, Brent continues to insult Carl. Emma brings out a photo album which she shows Lacey. Seeing pictures of Brent and Carl in high school reminds Carl of the comedy act he did with Brent called "Sheckle and Jekyll." Taking some convincing, Brent agrees to revive the act for the talent show. At the show, Brent and Carl launch into their act which involves a pie-in-the-face and Carl turning into a mad scientist. Lacey compliments Emma for bringing Brent and Carl together and healing their rift. The show over, acting as the judge, Lacey announces Hank is the show's winner to the crowd's applause. Flabbergasted, Carl yells he should have won, insults Dog River and leaves. Emma's shocked but Brent isn't and day dreams that Carl's outburst is a compliment to Brent's part of the act. ("Cousin Carl")

S01E08-Carl Brent talent show.jpg
You know how you get when you drink that stuff.


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