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Season: Five — Episode: 7
Director: Robert de Lint — Writer: Brent Butt — Aired: November 19, 2007 — Viewers (millions):
Summary: Oscar becomes a school bus driver but his strictness backfires on him. Hank attempts to make some money by advertising on his truck. Wanda becomes wired on an energy drink causing Brent and Emma to battle over getting Wanda to do chores. Karen is concerned Davis can't back her up after she easily knocks him out.


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Hank is not my fault!
— Lacey
At the Police station, Karen tries to pry open a stuck drawer with a wrench. The drawer gives way and she accidentally hits Davis in the jaw with the wrench, knocking him out. At Corner Gas, Wanda sees Brent stocking a new energy drink, Haywire. She believes the drink is a scam and posits there's no proof it boosts vitality. At the Leroy's, Oscar evades doing chores Emma wants done by volunteering to drive the school bus. Oscar was chosen because Mayor Fitzy gave a bus driver two lists, those qualified and not qualified to drive the bus, which the driver mixed up. At Corner Gas, Karen tells Brent that she easily knocked Davis out, which Brent finds interesting. Brent sees Wanda drinking a Haywire which she still thinks is a fraud, but she likes the taste.

S05E07-Fitzy lists.jpg
Don't mix these up.
In front of the Ruby Cafe, Hank pulls up in his truck which has a large, blank billboard in the back. Telling Lacey he can put an ad for the Ruby on the board and drive around town, Lacey refuses when Hank asks for $500. Hank tries to hit up Brent to use his board but Brent points out there's no other gas station in town. They both notice that Wanda's drinking more Haywire and that her face is twitching. She denies being zipped up on the drink. At the Ruby as Josh cooks, Brent jokingly punches Davis in the arm and then asks Lacey to throw Hank a bone and hire him. Lacey's impressed that Brent is looking out for his best friend. The bus driver gives Oscar training but Oscar's convinced that his main job will be to discipline the kids.

S05E07-Wanda Haywire.jpg
Quit gawking at me!
In front of the Police station, Karen tells Davis she's worried he won't be able to back her up if word gets out that he's easy to knock out. However, she blabs to Emma who self-servingly offers to keep Davis away from Karen's teasing if he'll do the chores at the Leroy's. Davis refuses and Emma pokes fun at him. At Corner Gas, as Brent scrapes gum off the floor, Wanda's so hopped up that she offers to do it. Hank shows Lacey that he's painted the sign advertising the Ruby and she gives him $20 to drive around. Hank accepts though he's not happy with her offer. On the school bus, Oscar introduces himself to the kids and immediately lays down the law. Two kids politely ask innocent questions and Oscar punishes them by making them put their noses against the window.

S05E07-Oscar points.jpg
There's a new sheriff in town.
Business is booming at the Ruby as Davis arrives and tells Lacey that Hank is causing many problems around town with his aggressive marketing of the Ruby. Lacey refuses to do anything about Hank and belittles Davis until Karen threatens her. Arriving at Corner Gas, Emma finds Wanda inside the cooler, cleaning it. Emma offers to make Brent a lasagna if he'll do the chores at her house. Brent ponders the dilemma, but realizing there's food next door at the Ruby, he refuses and leaves to eat. Emma finds Wanda outside, shingling the roof and asking her if she'll do the chores, a hyper Wanda gladly accepts and starts running to the Leroy's. After Hank cuts off the bus Oscar is driving, Oscar stops the bus. Going to the back and accusing the teens of having booze, they deny it so he takes their books.

S05E07-Hank blocks traffic.jpg
We got a lot of complaints.
At the packed Ruby, Hank credits his efforts for all the extra business. Lacey tells him to not drive around like a lunatic but Hank believes he knows best. Asking for Brent's help, he advises Lacey to drive around in her car with a sign that states that she's not responsible for Hank's actions. A dishevelled Karen returns to the Police station and lies to Davis that she wasn't out on police business. Finally admitting she lied as she thinks Davis can't back her up, especially after he let Lacey push him around, Davis insists he would have acted against Lacey if Karen hadn't interrupted. At Corner Gas, Brent finds Wanda's missing as she's climbing a ladder at the Leroy's to clean the eaves. With the bus stopped, Oscar's reading one of the books he took from the teens and is holding up traffic, including Hank and Lacey.

S05E07-Brent Lacey sign.jpg
It might be a little wordy.
At the Leroy's as Wanda digs Emma's garden with her bare hands, Brent arrives to take her back to Corner Gas. Wanda doesn't want to go until Brent points out that's where the Haywire is. The kids protest Oscar holding up traffic and threaten to write letters complaining about him. Oscar demands their pens and the kids explode, throwing their school supplies at him. At the Police station, Karen receives a call from Oscar and lies to Davis that she needs to leave to attend to personal business. As Brent drives with Wanda down Centennial Street, Wanda's crashing. Brent has to come to a screeching halt as both Hank and Lacey are blocking the street. Hank yells out his ad for the Ruby while Lacey cries out a disclaimer for Hank's behaviour. Karen arrives at the bus to find the kids still going crazy.

S05E07-Main Student.jpg
Enough is enough!
Karen tries to settle the kids down just as Davis arrives and catches Karen in her lie. Telling Davis to go back to the station, Karen is hit by a flying book and knocked out. Still blocking traffic on Centennial Street, Lacey admits defeat to Hank and he indicates he won't advertise the Ruby anymore. Arriving at Corner Gas, Brent seats Wanda, intending to get more Haywire for her so she'll clean the bathrooms. However, all the Haywire is gone from the cooler and Brent realizes Emma's taken it. Calling her, Brent arranges a deal with Emma for Wanda. Davis escorts a woozy Karen around the driver's side of the bus. Believing he's gloating that she's been knocked out, Davis relates that it can happen to anyone. Oscar deploys the bus' stop sign and knocks both of them out.

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At the Leroy's, Brent takes the lasagna from Emma in exchange for Wanda. However, Emma finds Wanda fast asleep on the front lawn and sees that Brent's tricked her. Emma goes to the kitchen to get a can of Haywire to revive Wanda but Oscar's drank the last one. At the Corner Gas pumps, Hank and Lacey both fill up their cars and Lacey realizes that Brent wanted them to both drive around town. Brent admits it, indicates he sent everyone who gassed up to the Ruby and brags about the money he made. Lacey though, with the increased business, made more money than Brent.

S05E07-Emma lasagna.jpg
Now, where's Wanda?
Hank tries to top them both but it dawns on him that he spent more money on gas than the $20 he earned from Lacey. Cursing his luck, he invites them to go to the Ruby and believes that his ad is still influencing his behaviour. Hopped up on Haywire, Oscar obsessively cleans Corner Gas. Brent calls Emma, who refuses to take Oscar back until the Haywire has worn off. Emma's forgotten about Wanda, who's sleeping and being licked by a dog on the Leroy's front yard.

S05E07-Wanda dog.jpg
Just a couple more minutes.


  • Oscar had good reason to suspect the older student on the bus (portrayed by Daniel Maslany) had booze as he led a group of teens that paid Oscar to buy liquor for them. ("Fun Run") The student also helped Oscar and Lacey fix the pothole on (at that time) Main Street ("Key to the Future") and, watched Thunderface perform. ("Rock On!")


"So, I can just knock Davis out whenever I want? This is good to know."
"Hey, Emma. I knocked out Davis. One little bump, good night Sally."


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