Brian Logo 01.jpg Retiree

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Murray Grant
First Appearance: "Pandora's Wine"
Last Appearance: "Full Load"
Episode Count: 8
Who the hell is Cecil? My name is Brian.
— Brian, "Slow Pitch".

S02E13-Older Man.jpg
Brian portrayed by Murray Grant.
Brian is a married Dog Riverite who is a member of the Harvester's Club and is a retiree.


Season 2

While having a picnic with his wife, Davis accuses Brian of having open liquor within town limits and arrests him, despite Brian protesting that they're drinking cola. ("Pandora's Wine") At a Harvester's meeting at the Ruby Cafe, Oscar leaves to coach a slow pitch game and tells Brian (who he calls Cecil) to vote for him. Later, he tells Travis, a fellow Harvester, that Lacey scares him. ("Slow Pitch")

S02E17-Lacey and Brian.jpg
My name is Brian.

Season 3

At the Ruby, as Lacey discusses filling in the pothole on Main Street with Oscar, she asks Brian for help. Brian ignores her and wonders wear the Equal is. ("Key to the Future") Brian asks Davis for a ridealong in the police cruiser to the Liquor store but Davis tells him they already have Hank as a "fare." ("Dog River Vice") As Lacey argues with Hank, who wants a cut of the tip jar, that the tips are for her good service, Brian asks for a coffee and Lacey tells him to wait. ("Ruby Newsday") As Emma and Karen brainstorm charity ideas, Karen believes old people will buy tickets for anything. Mertyl and Brian are enthused to buy tickets to win a jet ski and later, to win a jar of jelly beans. ("Bean There")

S03E03-Brian ridealong.jpg
Can I have a ride?

Season 6

At the Hotel bar, Brian drinks with Oscar and two other seniors. Oscar proposes going to his house to play poker but Brian begs off, saying he promised his wife he'd head home early. ("Full Load") Brian attends the party for Brent at the Ruby when everyone thinks he's going away on a national comedy tour. ("You've Been Great, Goodnight")

S06E01-Oscar Brian and guys.jpg
I gave her a chance to say no.


"She scares me."
―Brian about Lacey
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