Brent's house

Brent's house Logo 01.jpg Residence
Location: Dog RiverFirst Appearance: "Poor Brent"

I had no choice, I had to kick him out.
— Brent about Hank, "Doc Small".

S03E05-Brent's backyard.jpg
Brent's backyard.
Brent's house is a modest bungalow in Dog River. Brent purchased a big screen TV for its small living room, ("Poor Brent") briefly had Hank as a house guest until he brought a rooster over ("Doc Small") and had Hank over for a barbeque. ("The Littlest Yarbo") He held auditions for Thunderface in the garage and rented it out to a local band (The Tragically Hip). ("Rock On!") Its first appearance is in the Season 2 episode "Poor Brent".


  • Brent's house was blue in 2004 but painted yellow in 2005.
  • The backyard at Brent's house was visited by a dog ("The Littlest Yarbo") where it's apparent that there is no clear line of sight to Corner Gas for Brent to view with a telescope. ("Telescope Trouble")


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