Bob Lang

Bob Lang Logo 01.jpg Comedian

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Peter Kelamis
First Appearance: "Comedy Night"
Episode Count: 1
Let's just say people from Dog River, shallow end of the gene pool.
— Lang, "Comedy Night".

Bob Lang is a stand-up comedian who headlined a comedy night at the Dog River Hotel.


Season 1

Hank tells Brent that Lang is returning to Dog River for a comedy show. Liked by Brent, as Lang hung out with him after his show, Davis doesn't know who Lang is. Lang is interviewed on TV and tells a funny story which Brent realizes he told Lang when he last visited Dog River. Miffed that Lang is passing off his funniest story as his own, Brent believes he won't be able to tell it anymore. In front of the Ruby Cafe, a lost Lang arrives and tries to get directions to the Hotel from an annoyed Brent. Lang doesn't recognize Brent nor does he realize he stole Brent's story. At comedy night, Lacey tricks Lang into thinking he's in Wullerton and tells him everyone there hates Dog River. As he insults Dog River and raises a toast to Wullerton, he's booed off stage. ("Comedy Night")

S01E10-Brent annoyed at Lang.jpg
"Town Bar?"

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