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"Bingo Night"
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Season: Two — Episode: 9
Director: Robert de Lint — Writer: Brent Butt & Andrew Carr — Aired: December 7, 2004 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: At bingo night, Wanda steps in after the regular bingo caller takes a tumble. She's a hit with everyone except Emma who takes drastic steps to restore her winning streak. Lacey learns that her home-made cookies can't compete with the "road cookies" Brent sells at Corner Gas. Karen is temporarily suspended from the police force and spends her days hanging out with Brent leaving Hank feeling left out.


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I deliberately called your numbers so that you would win. It was all a lie!
Fred to Emma
As Wanda arrives at Corner Gas, Brent asks why she's there. Believing she might be fired, she admits to karate kicking the mop and breaking it while watching a martial arts movie. Reminding her she doesn't work Thursdays anymore, she leaves for bingo. At the Ruby Cafe, Oscar discovers that Karen is off work for a week due to taking allergy medication and failing a police drug test. Davis moans about the extra work which Karen jokes will mean doubling his naps. At Corner Gas, as Brent fixes the mop, Lacey asks Brent about the packaged "road cookies" he sells. Mentioning she's selling fresh-baked cookies and is competing with Brent's sales, he likens the road cookies to an old miner.

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This is like eating a Bounce sheet.
Sitting bored at the Ruby counter as Josh cooks, Karen is joined by Hank and asks how he spends his days idling. Lacey tries to sell her baked cookies which results in Karen and Hank making fun of her. At the Town Hall, as elderly Fred slowly calls bingo numbers in a monotone voice, Wanda arrives and sits beside avid player Emma. As Emma yells out the number she needs for bingo, Fred drops the next ball and falls backwards off a platform. Sweeping at the Ruby, Lacey finds an empty road cookie package and realizes customers are eating them in secret in the cafe. Mayor Fitzy arrives to see Fred wheeled out by paramedics and asks for another bingo caller, believing Fred is too injured to ever return. He indicates he can't be the bingo caller, due to an important meeting, which is an exercise class.

S02E09-Fred calling.jpg
Under the B...7.
Emma forces Wanda to be the caller and Wanda finds her lame jokes get laughs from the bingo audience. Emma calls out the number she needs for bingo, which is seen on the bottom of Fred's shoe as he's driven away in an ambulance. Wanda gets more laughs and the next number she calls out results in bingo for a woman, which frustrates Emma. At Corner Gas, Brent jokes with Karen about failing her drug test. Lacey demands to know who buys road cookies from Brent, but he won't give up anyone. Karen stays and hangs out with Brent. At the Leroy's, Emma tells Oscar she never wins at bingo anymore and they conclude Wanda is bad luck. Hank arrives at Corner Gas to hang out with Brent, but having just hung out with Karen, he turns Hank away, despite Hank interesting Brent with a talk on bathrooms in igloos.

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Geesh. Easy crowd.
At the Ruby, still miffed that customers are eating road cookies in the cafe, Karen tells Lacey to let it go. Agreeing with her, Lacey announces to her customers they don't have to hide eating the cookies anymore. Everyone in the Ruby takes out a package which prompts Lacey to tell Karen she's raising the price of coffee by a dollar. The next morning, Brent arrives to open up the station and finds Hank sleeping outside. Brent tells him to go home and sleep and return at a decent hour to hang out. At home, Emma tells Oscar she needs to do something about losing at bingo. Hank returns to Corner Gas later in the morning to find Karen hanging out with Brent. Learning Brent discussed his igloo bathroom topic with Karen, Hank's hurt. Watching them both leave, he proclaims he's been out-hung.

S02E09-Hank outhung.jpg
I've been out-hung.
At the Ruby, Karen asks Lacey for a baked cookie but Lacey realizes Karen's only asking for one to be nice. Learning people like to dunk the road cookies in coffee, Lacey thanks Karen and they wonder what Davis is up to. In front of the Police station, Davis chases a small boy who has stolen his police hat. Emma calls Brent for help with a broken water pipe in their basement. Telling Wanda to cover for him, she complains that she'll miss calling bingo. Seeing Davis napping in the police cruiser, Hank offers to hang out. Telling Davis that he's hanging out with other people instead of Brent, Hank starts to listen to Davis talk about an old TV show but says he's on the rebound and leaves.

S02E09-Davis loses hat.jpg
Hey, give me my hat back!
With no bingo caller, Fitzy grabs Hank, who's loitering outside the Town Hall. At the Leroy's, Brent is astonished to see how badly the water pipe is bent. At bingo, a large pipe wrench falls out of Emma's bag. With Hank calling bingo, Emma's numbers come up until, in a rush, Wanda arrives. She tells Hank that Karen is covering Corner Gas for her. Karen watches a martial arts movie at the station and karate kicks the mop that Brent fixed. The bingo players are happy Wanda's returned and chant her name, except for Emma. At the Ruby, Lacey shows Brent, Karen and Oscar fresh biscotti she's baked, which she figures everyone will prefer for dipping in coffee over the road cookies. However, no one wants them and Karen tells Lacey there's a whole bin of them for sale at Corner Gas, which no one is buying.

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It looks like the work of an orangutan.
A wary Davis isn't enthused when Hank offers to hang out again until he sees Hank's brought road cookies and coffee for him. As they discuss Hank's igloo bathroom topic, Hank proposes they swing by Corner Gas and Davis realizes he's being used to make Brent jealous. Emma visits Fred at his house where Fred, who is in several casts, is in constant pain. Asking when he's coming back to call bingo, Fred reveals he has a crush on Emma and cheated at bingo so she could win. Nonplussed, Emma asks when he can come back. At Corner Gas, an exasperated Lacey tells Brent she's giving up fighting the road cookies. Brent proposes she just sell them at the Ruby. Hank arrives and tries to make Brent jealous by lying that Davis is his new hang out buddy. Lacey jokes that compared to Hank's problem, her's is trivial.

S02E09-At Freds house.jpg
I'm in too much pain.
With Wanda calling, the bingo hall is packed and an enthused Fitzy anticipating raising money for charity. Just then, Fred hobbles into the hall on crutches. Later, Fred calls the bingo numbers to a nearly empty hall. Wanda's perturbed until Emma lies that calling bingo is Fred's passion. Feeling selfish, Wanda apologizes. The next number Fred calls results in Emma winning. At Corner Gas, a sheepish Hank gives Brent some money he owes him and heads for the door. Brent asks Hank to hang out and learning that Karen's gone back to work, Hank perks up and leans against the counter. In the police cruiser, Davis welcomes Karen back and they both recline their seats for a nap. Noticing Davis' hat is missing, he tells Karen to never mind about it.

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The place is packed.


  • First appearance of Chris Cunningham, who portrays "Bingo Man" and had seven different roles in the series.


"This is just a pity cookie, isn't it?"
―Lacey to Karen


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