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"Bend It Like Brent"
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Season: Six — Episode: 2
Director: David Storey — Writer: Andrew Carr — Aired: October 20, 2008 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: Davis' decision to take on Brent and Lacey as the sponsors for his soccer team lands him in hot water with the players' parents. Too scared to drive, Karen enlists Hank's help. An old tape of Wanda doing television projects initially amuses Oscar and Emma until they find themselves satired.


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We got a guy that goes by the name of Oscar. Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, jackass! Jackass, jackass. Shut up, jackass.
— Wanda's impression of Oscar
At the Ruby Cafe as Josh cooks, Davis tries to talk to Brent about soccer, which confuses Brent when he uses the proper term "football." Brent maligns soccer so Davis asks Lacey to sponsor the team he's coaching. Lacey thinks it's a great idea which causes Brent to backpedal and then use several British idioms. Having run out of gas, Karen picks up Hank in the police cruiser. He's concerned with how fast she's driving which she brushes off until she goes off the road. At Corner Gas, Wanda brings in a box of her old VCR tapes to give away. Brent doesn't want them but Emma and Oscar gladly take them, despite the movies being terrible. At a soccer field, Brent brings jerseys for the team which are very plain. However, he's spared no expense on jackets for himself and Lacey. Davis brushes off the selfishness and enthusiastically calls the kids to get their jerseys.

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Come and get your jumpers!
In the cruiser, Karen's driving very slow so Hank encourages her to speed up. Wanting to get over her fear she does, but ends up driving off the road again. At the Leroy's, while watching one of the movies, Emma and Oscar see Wanda's taped over it with auditions of herself as a newscaster, which are amusing. Hank takes over driving the cruiser and when Karen receives a call, he's disappointed she won't let him turn on the siren. At the Leroy's, the audition tape continues with Wanda impersonating Winston Churchill. At the soccer field, the "Reds" lose but Davis employs positive reinforcement with the kids. Brent tries to give the team candy but Lacey isn't happy with the loss and demands the candy be taken away. At Corner Gas, Emma and Oscar make references to the audition tape to Wanda including asking about "Winston." She's puzzled until they leave and she remembers the tape.

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When one achieves greatness...
At the Corner Gas pumps, the father of one of the "Reds" players, Peter, bribes Brent with large gas purchases in exchange for getting Peter more playing time. Wanda heads to the Leroy's, but can't get back the audition tape. At the Police station, Karen takes a call. Still shy about driving, she runs to the Ruby to get Hank so he can drive her. However, Mayor Fitzy is sitting beside Hank so she lies why she's there to get Hank and stops him from blurting out her secret. At Corner Gas, Davis starts talking to Brent about Lacey's behaviour but she interrupts. Thinking she's there to apologize, instead, she insists on harsher training methods for the team. Lacey leaves and Brent promises Davis he'll deal with her in exchange for him playing Peter more.

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No can do, Sissy McGoo.
After dealing with the call, Karen lies to Hank there's a crime at the Foo Mart. She has him put on her police cap and drive her there. At Corner Gas, in order to get back at Emma and Oscar, Wanda has Brent bring her video of them doing something embarrassing. Brent has a film of them cooking lobsters but it's on 8mm film, which Wanda has no projector for. In the cruiser, Karen lies a crime happened at the Foo Mart while she reads a magazine. Hank insists she try driving again so she intentionally goes off the road and proclaims she's not ready. Wanda returns to the Leroy's and asks to borrow their projector. Emma and Oscar poke fun at her request causing a frustrated Wanda to reveal she has the lobster film. They laugh and refuse to give her the projector.

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Always gotta have the latest gadget.
At a Red's game, Lacey takes a dislike to Peter as he's a slow runner. Insisting Davis pull him off the field, Brent wants Peter to play so a tug of war ensues. Davis has had enough and lets loose on them both. Later, Brent and Lacey have a meeting with the kid's parents where Lacey tables firing Davis while Brent suggests Peter be played more. Lacey insults the parents for being satisfied with the team losing. The parents indicate that a change is required and Lacey stops Brent from giving the parents candy, since the team lost. At the Ruby, Wanda sets up a projector, which she broke into the school to get. Emma and Oscar offer to give her the audition tape back but wanting revenge, she plays the film. In it, Emma starts scaring Oscar with a lobster but the film degrades and stop playing.

There's a lobster pinching Oscar's nose!
Karen continues to have Hank drive her but doesn't hide that it's for personal errands as he picks up plants for her. Karen gets a call about the break-in at the school and tells Hank they have to go. Davis arrives at Corner Gas looking sad causing Brent and Lacey to believe the parents fired him. However, he tells them the parents have dropped them as sponsors. At the Ruby, Emma and Oscar invite everyone to their house to watch Wanda's audition video. On the way to the school, Hank starts driving recklessly and ends up driving off the road in front of the Leroy's. Rattled, Hank refuses to drive so Karen takes over. At the Leroy's, a group watches Wanda's video in which she does impressions of Oscar and Emma, which brings many laughs. Despite no longer being sponsors, Brent and Lacey attend a Reds game where Lacey boos the players and Brent insults Davis.

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Look out for the cat!


  • The scene where Davis continually pulls and sends Peter back on the field would never happen. Changing players "on the fly" isn't permitted in soccer. A stoppage in play and the referee's permission is required for substitutions, even in youth soccer.
  • Jackass!: Wanda says it four times on video and Oscar once while watching an old college tape of Wanda doing an impression of Oscar.


"I always thought that Hitler was a bit of a tool."
―Wanda as Churchill
"That sounds nothing like me, jackasses."


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