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"Bed and Brake Fast"
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Season: Five — Episode: 18
Director: David Storey — Writer: Kevin White — Aired: April 14, 2008 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: With no room at the Hotel, Oscar starts up a bed & breakfast at the Leroy's without Emma's approval. Lacey is the winner of Hank's "Handyman For A Day" silent auction entry and Davis uses Brent's car as an unmarked vehicle.


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Hello, Brent. You look handsome today. You're not overweight at all. You should have another dessert.
— Super Car
At the Ruby Cafe as Josh cooks, Travis Moen has a cup of coffee while reading the Howler. About to leave, Lacey reminds him to remember his cup but he indicates he's wearing one. Lacey blushes and says she meant the Stanley Cup, which is on the counter. A cocky boy arrives and when Moen refuses to let him sit in the Stanley Cup, he kicks Moen in the groin. Protected by his cup, Moen is unaffected and points out the cup's usefulness to Lacey. At Corner Gas, Hank sees Brent lending his car to Davis. Upset that Brent won't lend him his car, Brent points out that Hank once took it without asking and it was impounded. In front of the Hotel, Oscar overhears Paul telling a couple, the Johnsons, that there's no vacancies. Oscar lies that he knows of a B&B and says it's $100 a night.

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I'm wearing it. You can never be too careful.
At the Ruby, Karen mentions Lacey's cheapness at a charity auction in which she paid $10 for Hank's handyman for a day item. At the Leroy's, Oscar lies to Emma that he ran into the Johnsons and claims Steve is an old buddy. Emma's never heard of them as Oscar says they're going to be staying at their house. At Corner Gas, Wanda sees Davis cleaning Brent's car and belittles him for it while Brent maligns Wanda for taking poor care of his car. At Lacey's house, she shows Hank the spot she wants a picture hung in the bathroom. Noticing Lacey's tub has grout problems, he offers to fix it. At Corner Gas, Wanda is disgusted as Davis tells Brent the items he fixed on his car in return for borrowing it.

From camp?
Hank tears Lacey's tiles apart and then leaves, indicating that he'll fulfill his eight hour commitment over several days. He also starts delving into her personal possessions. At the Leroy's, Oscar introduces the Johnsons to Emma and explains away why Steve doesn't know his name. Emma's confused when after offering the Johnsons lunch, they ask if it's "included." On the highway, Wanda sees Brent's car driving slowly. Calling him, Brent is at Corner Gas and is perplexed by Wanda's insults. She speeds past his car and surprised to see Davis inside, he pulls her over for speeding. Upstairs at the Leroy's, Oscar lies that Emma's confusion is due to her drinking and charges the Johnsons for lunch. At Corner Gas, Wanda tells Brent what Davis is using his car for and calls him a traitor.

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Taking them off's pretty easy.
Karen critisizes Davis using Brent's vehicle as a "ghost car", mainly due to its decrepit state. He defends its use as people don't give the car a second look. Lacey discovers Hank in her kitchen where his attempt to fix her fridge door has left it unusable. Indicating he hasn't repaired the tiles, he also talked on the phone with Lacey's mother. At the Leroy's, the Johnsons ask Emma what time breakfast is and she realizes Oscar's using the house as a B&B. She discovers he's getting $100 a night from them but doesn't let on that they're not running a B&B. Feeling guilty, Brent tells Davis he can't borrow his car anymore. However, when Davis offers to fix more items, provides details of all the tickets he's handed out and calls Brent's auto "Super Car", Brent changes his mind and joins Davis on patrol.

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You're not gonna out run us, Speedy.
Emma confronts Oscar about his scam and while admitting it, he claims he's only charging $50 a night. Emma knows he's getting $100 but surprisingly, tells him to fix up another bedroom and get more customers. At the Ruby, out of embarrassment, Lacey lies to Karen that Hank is doing great work. Lacey offers Hank's services to Karen who accepts, but only if she gets to see his handiwork. This results in Lacey fixing the tiles and fridge door herself. Brent has a daydream in which his car is intelligent and speaks to him. At the Hotel bar, Oscar steals away customers from Phil, the Watsons. At Corner Gas, Davis tells a proud Brent all those the car helped give speeding ticket to, including one to Travis Moen. At Lacey's house, Karen inspects the tile work and though not impressed, accepts Hank doing work at her house.

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I didn't know there was a B&B here.
Driving his car on the highway, Brent passes Wanda's car and is pulled over by Wanda and Karen, who is using it as a ghost car. Wanda revels in getting revenge on Brent. At the Leroy's, after feeding their guests, Emma makes a sour Oscar do the dishes. At Karen's house, she shows Hank a leaking faucet she wants fixed. At Corner Gas, Brent and Wanda argue about whose vehicle makes the better ghost car. Wanda relates that she and Karen pulled Moen over for a ticket as he was speeding around to show the Stanley Cup to as many people as possible. At the Ruby, Karen thanks a surprised Lacey for lending her Hank. Heading to Karen's house, Lacey is puzzled to find that Hank did a good job fixing Karen's faucet. At the Leroy's, Oscar bristles as the Watsons read his magazines and watch tennis on TV.

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Let's roll. Whoo-hoo!
At Corner Gas, Wanda laughs as Davis starts using Fitzy's car instead of the "Super Car." Explaining that everyone is looking out for it now, Brent is saddened to see his car's diminished status. At the Ruby, Hank explains to Lacey that working at her house put him in the mood to do good work at Karen's. Lacey demands that he put up the picture she asked him to do in the first place. In front of the Police station, Wanda's disappointed to see Karen using Helen's car instead of hers. At Lacey's house, she discovers that Hank disconnected the pipes behind the tiles she replaced. Hank tears out the tiles and indicates she'll be without water for a day. Oscar's had enough of the house guests and threatens to kick them out.

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You heard her, pipsqueak.
However, Emma wants to fulfil their obligation and ejects Oscar, who rents a room at the Hotel. Phil raises the room rate to get back at Oscar. Brent drives Wanda home, since Karen brought her car back out of gas, and they're pulled over by Davis and Karen in the police cruiser and ticketed. Lacey arrives at the Leroy's, asking if she can stay the night and hears the guests call it a B&B. Refuting this, the Johnsons and Watsons scold Emma for tricking them and demand a refund. Angered, Emma refuses to let Lacey stay over so she ends up renting the room across from Oscar's at the Hotel. Brent has another daydream that he and "Super Car" take down a couple of thieves at Corner Gas.

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  • The show often had the same actors portray different roles which stretched that is was believable that the Main Characters didn't recognize them. Paul Hack, who portrays Steve Johnson, was also one of the Harvesters who kicked Oscar out of the club. ("Potato Bowl") Rob Roy, who portrays Mr. Watson, was also the town's doctor. ("Fun Run")
  • Wanda refers to Brent as a Quisling, that is, a traitor.
  • While dealing with Lacey's fridge, Hank looks at the pocket watch that Carl Vaughn gave him. ("Cousin Carl")
  • Brent daydreams about "Super Car" are parodies of the TV show Knight Rider. Davis and Karen argued about the show while looking at the police cruiser's new GPS. ("Outside Joke")
  • This is the only episode where the upstairs of the Dog River Hotel is shown.
  • Jaden Ryan, who portrays the kid who kicks Travis Moen, isn't credited.


"It's not just a B&B. You get breakfast too."


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