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"Bean There"
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Season: Three — Episode: 18
Director: Brent Butt — Writer: Paul Mather & Andrew Carr — Aired: March 13, 2006 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: Dog River's children's play park is falling apart so Brent suggests a fundraiser to fix the place up, a jelly bean jar contest. However, when those in charge start cutting corners, the contest raises more anger than money. A convoy of truckers passing through town has Davis reliving trucker/cop movies, and Hank drags Wanda into a web of lies when he joins an exclusive club for people who own Lamborghinis.


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We're raising money for kids, lying to everyone. This plan has it all.
— Brent
In front of Corner Gas, Brent and Lacey admire the view until it's blocked by two large semi-trucks. Later inside the station, Hank dreams of buying a Lamborghini and Wanda teases him he couldn't afford a car magazine. The Ruby Cafe is full of truckers who Davis is wary of, from their reputation for making trouble with police in movies. Oscar is delighted to see them. At Corner Gas, Karen, the new Chair of a committee to raise money to fix up the kid's play park, tells Emma and Brent she'd like to have a raffle. Emma's against this but she and Brent can't think of anything else. Hank arrives and announces he's joined a Lamborghini club.

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I'm all panorama-ed out.
At the Ruby, Lacey talks to one of the truckers, Tiny Joe, and discovers that word spread that the Ruby served good food. Oscar tells Tiny Joe that he loves truckers. At the pumps at Corner Gas, Hank can't convince Brent to go to a meeting of the Lamborghini club but Wanda, seeing an opportunity to meet rich guys, accepts enthusiastically. Oscar tries to get a ride in Tiny Joe's truck who tells Oscar only paying clients are allowed in the cab. At Corner Gas, Brent comes up with a fundraising idea, a contest to see how many jelly beans are in a jar. Arriving at the park in Regina where the Lamborghini club is having a barbeque, Wanda finds out that you have to own one of the cars to be in the club and that she and Hank will have to lie to those they meet.

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I'll be quiet, quieter than a monkey.
Talking to a Lamborghini owner, Wanda becomes disinterested when he says he's divorced and broke. Hank admits he doesn't own a Lamborghini but lies that Wanda does. At the Ruby, Davis is still suspicious of the truckers but Oscar's hired Tiny Joe to haul junk from his basement so he can ride in the truck. At Corner Gas, Brent leaves Emma and Karen to count the jelly beans and fill a large jar. At the barbeque, Wanda gives specifics of her fake Lamborghini to a different club member but loses interest in him as he's married. At Corner Gas, as Emma counts the jelly beans, she loses count when Brent tells Wes the cost of his purchases. On the road, Davis pulls Tiny Joe over. Initially, Davis is intimidating towards Joe but he lightens up when he pulls the cab's air horn. Davis then talks his way into driving the truck and tears down the road.

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Take it easy!
At the Ruby, which is full of truckers, Lacey talks to Brent about them and mentions they are slovenly. Two truckers overhear her and spread the word. While re-counting the jelly beans at Corner Gas, Emma's count is ruined by Karen eating some of the candy. Karen tries to convince Emma to do a raffle instead, insisting that seniors will buy tickets to win anything. At a senior center, Mertyl and Brian are quick to buy raffle tickets to win a jet ski. Seeing how difficult it is to count the jelly beans, Brent talks Emma and Karen into filling the jar and making up a number. Davis arrives at the Ruby hoping to see truckers but they've all boycotted the cafe after hearing Lacey's comment about them. About the leave the barbeque, Hank invites the two Lamborghini owners to Dog River to see Wanda's supposed car.

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I'd like to see a small town.
With the truckers back at the Ruby, Davis doesn't explain to Lacey how he got them to return. However, Davis has lied to the truckers that Lacey has six weeks to live and just wants to be around them. At Corner Gas, Hank buys a ticket for the contest and guesses there's more than twenty beans in the jar. In the Leroy's driveway, Oscar covers up with a tarp, boxes filled with the junk that he's hired Tiny Joe to transport. Outside Corner Gas, dreading the visit from the two Lamborghini owners, Wanda plans to leave town while Hank proposes a plan in which Wanda somehow gets a Lamborghini. At the Ruby, Lacey's cheerfulness is taken as courage by the truckers and one breaks down crying and leaves. Brent, Emma and Karen vow to each other to keep the made-up number of jellybeans in the jar secret.

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Best 200 bucks I ever spent.
However, they've each told Lacey, Davis and Oscar a different range the number falls in. In front of Corner Gas, Hank finishes a ride in one of the Lamborghini owners' cars while Wanda leans on the other owner's car and lies that she owns a chain of Corner Gases. Asking to see Wanda's car, Hank tells Wanda to initiate their plan which confuses the Lamborghini owner. At Corner Gas, as Lacey, Davis and Oscar fill in their entries for the contest, they discover that they've all be told a different number range and accuse Brent of running a crooked fundraiser. Hank and Wanda take one of the Lamborghini owners to the Leroy's driveway where Oscar had placed a tarp over the junk boxes. The owner accuses Wanda of lying and she starts to apologize until Hank removes the tarp to reveal a Lamborghini. Wanda openly surprised and then chalks her reaction up to loving the car every time she sees it.

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I'll show ya a Lamborghini.
At Corner Gas, Brent, Emma and Karen are confronted with a group of angry people who've entered the contest. Demanding their money back, Brent reminds them how decrepit the play park is but Oscar says there's one good item in the park, tetherball. Two kids halfheartedly play with it, which they hate and wish would break. Brent relents and says everyone will get refunded. Karen resigns as Chair and gives the role to Emma. To raise money, Emma has a raffle to win the jar of jellybeans which Mertyl and Brian are eager to enter. In front of the Ruby, Lacey learns from Tiny Joe that the truckers aren't coming to the cafe anymore as they feel it's too upscale, having seen the Lamborghinis. They're saddened given Lacey's "condition" and she learns of Davis' lie to the truckers. Hank thanks Tiny Joe for getting the Lamborghini, which he stole, while Oscar and Davis wait in his cab for a ride.

Where's the integrity?



"All right. Here's to our foray into the dark side."


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