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"All That and a Bag of Chips"
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Season: Six — Episode: 5
Director: Robert de Lint — Writer: Norm Hiscock — Aired: November 17, 2008 — Viewers (millions): 1.18
Summary: In spite of Lacey and Davis' best efforts, Karen is labeled a thief when she forgets to pay for a muffin. Wanda tries to get inside Hank's head to figure out his new email password. Brent's culinary skills are put to the test to prove to Oscar and Emma that he is not a freeloader.


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You flashed me? Oh, I wish I could remember that.
Old Man Caruthers
At Corner Gas, Hank arrives and announcing he has a new email account, challenges Brent and Wanda to guess his password. Barely paying attention, Wanda guesses it's "password" causing Hank to leave. At the Ruby Cafe, Karen buys a muffin for Davis and is concerned if it's gluten free. Davis calls and interrupts Karen who takes the muffin and goes outside to get a better phone signal. Leaving without paying for the muffin, Lacey stops her in the parking lot and asks for her payment. Mayor Fitzy overhears and jokes Karen is a muffin stealer which he then tells Emma and Oscar while Karen protests it was a mistake. Returning to Corner Gas, Hank says he changed his password and that Wanda will never crack it.

It's no big deal.
After Hank leaves, Wanda guesses it easily and tells Brent that by thinking like Hank, she was able to deduce it and that there's a lot of space in Hank's mind. Brent arrives at the Leroy's in time for lunch. Showing no appreciation for the free food, he takes all the gravy and Oscar comments he's a freeloader. At the Police station, Davis can't eat the muffin and bags it as possible evidence in Karen's "crime." At the Leroy's, Brent tells Emma he's bringing laundry over for her to do, takes most of a pie and announces his preference for dinner. Later on Centennial Street, Fitzy and then Emma tells Hank they received an email from his account maligning him and lauding Wanda. At the Ruby as Josh cooks, Davis asks Lacey to put the muffins away, insisting that Karen's still rattled over the incident.

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The whole town's talking about it.
Everyone's forgotten about it despite Davis blabbing about it all over town. Karen arrives and Lacey makes light of the incident which upsets Karen, who forgot about it. At Corner Gas, Hank tells Wanda he's changed his password again and this time, she can't crack it. On the Ruby's deck, Emma and Oscar tell Brent that they're coming to his house for dinner and that he has to cook the meal. Later at the Corner Gas pumps, Brent rushes out as Karen arrives and insists she pay for gas before pumping it. Lacey's filling her car without paying first and tries to make nice with Karen. In the station, Brent looks at a cookbook while Wanda's frustrated that she can't figure out Hank's password. Entering Hank's mind, Wanda finds a werewolf reading a comic book who asks her if she's seen a robot he's supposed to fight.

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Do you know Hank's password?
At the Ruby, Lacey brings Karen an apology muffin which only makes the situation worse. In private, Davis says he had to keep Karen's name out of an article in the Howler and suggests to Lacey that he arrest her for a minor crime to make Karen feel better. Arriving at Brent's house, Emma finds Brent is clueless as he tries to make lasagna. Showing him how to, Brent eventually ends up watching TV with Oscar while Emma cooks dinner. At the Ruby's deck, Wanda can't get Hank to tell her his password. At Brent's house, Oscar compliments Brent on the lasagna which he takes credit for while Emma protests that she cooked it. Davis and Karen arrive at the Ruby and Lacey initially plays along with Davis' announcement that Lacey didn't pay for a ticket.

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You cooked it perfectly.
However, once Davis announces that the ticket is for public indecency towards Old Man Caruthers, Lacey protests it was supposed to be a parking ticket and reveals the ploy to make Karen feel better. This reminds everyone in the cafe of the muffin incident causing Karen to leave in a huff and Davis to become frustrated with Lacey. In front of the Foo Mart, Emma hears Fitzy tell Oscar that Brent took credit for the dinner that she made and that Emma was ungrateful. Emma confronts Brent at the Corner Gas pumps where he refuses to acknowledge that Emma cooked the dinner and she tells him not to expect meals from her anymore. In the station, Wanda still hasn't discovered Hank's password and she learns that he forgot it. Knowing he's in for a beating, Hank is grateful for a head start and then Wanda chases Hank.

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You flashed Old Man Caruthers.
At the Leroy's, Oscar isn't happy with the meal Emma cooked and lauds Brent's lasagna. Emma takes his meal away and tells him to go eat at Brent's. At Corner Gas, having asked for Wanda's help remembering his password, Hank thinks hard but can only imagine Wanda fighting the werewolf. At the Hotel bar, Karen won't let Lacey buy her a drink. Davis indicates that even seeing Lacey reminds her of the muffin incident. Before leaving, Lacey tells Phil to put all Karen's drinks on her tab and to not let her pay. Oscar invites himself and Fitzy over to Brent's for dinner. Caught unprepared and knowing he can't cook them a meal, Brent makes an excuse and leaves. At the bar, Karen feels self-conscious so gets up to leave. Trying to pay for her drinks, Phil says Lacey's got it and that she said something about Karen not paying, which angers her.

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That's what it's like in here.
At the Leroy's, Brent apologizes to Emma who lays down the law and invites Brent to eat with her. Fitzy and Oscar are left to fend for themselves and split a pizza pocket Brent microwaved for his dinner. Later at Corner Gas, Brent signs into Hank's email, having seen Hank enter his password before he forgot it. Brent's sent an email from Hank's account lauding himself and calling Hank and Wanda morons. At the station, Karen sarcastically thanks Lacey for picking up her bar tab, which she used to pay for drinks for everyone in the bar. Lacey doesn't mind and leaves with a bag of chips. Outside, Karen gleefully points out Lacey didn't pay for the bag. Wanda comes outside with a toonie Lacey left on the counter, which Lacey explains was for the chips, silencing Karen.

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Lacey stole some chips!


  • Wanda, werewolves and robots battling have been pondered by Brent and Hank several times. ("Blog River") ("No Time Like the Presents") In 2014, Hank would dream of Wanda being a robot that battles a werewolf. ("Corner Gas: The Movie (Film)")
  • The inside of Hank's mind was previously seen when he stored a knock-knock joke that Lacey told him but mixed it up with Bananarama lyrics. ("Mosquito Time")
  • Brent has cooked before. In 2005, he had Hank over to his house for a BBQ including steaks, corn on the cob and salad. ("The Littlest Yarbo")


"Who do you think would win in a fight between a werewolf and a Wanda?"


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