Alice Owen

Alice Owen Logo 01.jpg Librarian

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: June Mayhew
First Appearance: "Oh Baby!"
Last Appearance: "Reader Pride"
Episode Count: 6
I'll have to ask you to leave if you don't keep it down!
— Alice to Brent, "Oh Baby!".

Alice Owen is the librarian at the Dog River Public Library. She is strict and blunt.


Season 1

Looking for a way to deal with babysitting Wanda's terror of a son, Tanner, Brent visits the Dog River Public Library to get a book on child psychology. Librarian Alice shushes Brent and lends him the only book the library has on the subject, from 1969. Brent and Lacey try to use the book's "groovy" advice on Tanner with no success. ("Oh Baby!")

S01E04-Lacey Brent book.jpg
Dr. Spearmint makes a good point here.

Season 3

With the musical breathalyzer broken, at a roadside checkstop, Davis tests Alice's sobriety with a ball and cup. Karen arrives with a plain breathalyzer which Alice is anxious to use and get the testing done. ("Will and Brent") Alice is among the players of "Trivia Zone" at the Dog River Hotel who cheer Wanda on. ("Picture Perfect") Alice is one of the organizers of the Dog River 10km Fun Run race and calls Oscar brave for finishing it. ("Fun Run")

S03E04-Alice ball and cup.jpg
I just want this over with.

Season 4

Trying to get a good action shot to win the Howler newsmaker of the year, Wanda photographs Davis after he's pulled over Alice in her car. Davis suggests Alice could try and escape, which she asks if he's joking. ("Demolition") At the Ruby Cafe, with Wanda having taken over Lacey's job, Alice asks for decaf coffee. Wanda patronizes her, equating decaf with water, which she says Alice can get a home. ("Happy Campers")

S04E05-Alice Davis Karen.jpg
What's with the camera?

Season 6

After Karen volunteers to read at the Senior's Home, she discovers she likes a racy book but is interrupted before she can finish it. She heads to the library and seeks Alice's help finding a copy. Alice has heard about Karen reading the book, accuses her of liking reading smut to seniors and won't help her. ("Reader Pride")

Try the library in Smutsville.


"Look, I know the deal. You get your jollies reading dirty books to seniors."
―Alice to Karen, "Reader Pride".
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