Al Goar

Al Goar Logo 01.jpg Businessman

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Bill Gardiner
First Appearance: "Mosquito Time"
Episode Count: 9
Congratulations Brent. On behalf of the regional committee, we want to present you with this plaque.
— Goar, "The Eight Samurai".

Al Goar is a businessman in Dog River who heads up the local environmental committee, owns Goar Fertilizer and is also a sensitivity teacher.


Season 2

After the townsfolk learn that Hank repels mosquitoes, Goar asks Hank if he'll walk with him to the Liquor store. ("Mosquito Time")

S02E10-Al Goar.jpg
Are you goin' past the Liquor store?

Season 3

At Corner Gas, Wanda is cloying with several customers, including Goar, who don't put any money in the tip jar she's set up. ("Ruby Newsday")

S03E12-Al Goar and Wanda.jpg
Yeah, whatever.

Season 4

As Emma and Oscar leave the Foo Mart with several bags, Hank tries to find out what they've bought. He implies they're wealthy and Oscar spills about a bank credit they received. Hank assures them he'll keep their secret but Goar walks by and sarcastically refers to the Leroys as rich. ("Outside Joke")

S04E09-Oscar Emma Hank.jpg
How are the Trumps today?

Season 5

In front of the Foo Mart, Goar's part of the crowd that listens to Oscar rant to Emma about what makes a good TV show. ("Cable Excess") Uncomfortable after agreeing to be in a nude calendar featuring the ladies of Dog River, at Corner Gas, Lacey tries to convince Wanda she's OK with it. Lacey forces enthusiasm which Wanda teases her for and Goar smiles wryly at her. ("Spin Cycle") At the Ruby Cafe with Mayor Fitzy, Goar presents Brent with a plaque for the energy reductions achieved by Corner Gas. He critisizes Lacey for having the AC on in the Ruby, not knowing that Brent turned it on and that Lacey was responsible for implementing the environmentally-friendly changes at Corner Gas. ("The Eight Samurai") Goar witness Karen's melt down at Corner Gas as she protests that Wanda can't do basic math. ("Classical Gas")

S05E02-Lacey Al Goar.jpg
I would love to get naked.

Season 6

Al tries the buffet at the Ruby and sits with Lacey as she tells Fitzy to make coffee himself. ("Self-Serving") After Fitzy sends Davis on sensitivity training for making blonde jokes in front of Karen, Goar leads the sensitivity class, welcomes Davis to it and plays guitar. Karen is later sent to Goar's class. ("Super Sensitive")




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