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"Air Show"
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Season: Two — Episode: 16
Director: Wendy Hopkins — Writer: Paul Mather & Kevin White — Aired: March 14, 2005 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: A nearby airshow excites the locals but Lacey's initial ambivalence gets her into trouble which she tries to remedy with the help of the Snowbirds. With Corner Gas under repairs, Hank's new corn stand sees success. Mayor Fitzy orders Karen and Davis to patrol the town on bikes but Karen is oddly reluctant.


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So you'll do it, a flyby over Dog River?
— Lacey lies to the Snowbirds
At the Ruby Cafe, as Josh cooks, Oscar talks about the upcoming air show with Brent and believes Lacey doesn't like the show as she didn't know about it. Later, Hank and Brent drive back from the air show in Hank's old truck, in which the stereo system is failing. Desiring a new system and insisting he takes care of the truck, smoke starts to billow out from under the hood. At the side of the Foo Mart, Mayor Fitzy shows Karen and Davis graffiti and demands action. Davis panders to Fitzy but as Karen points out the rarity of crime, she responds that she's willing to get closer to the community as long it's not a bike patrol. Fitzy thinks this is a great idea and credits Davis.

Stop this rash of vandalism.
Oscar and Emma enter the Ruby talking about the air show. However, when Oscar finds out Lacey didn't go and kept the Ruby open during the show, he and a farmer insult her. At Corner Gas, Brent and Wanda watch as an inspector looks at the gas pumps. Hank arrives with an idea to make money to buy a new stereo for his truck, a corn stand. As Brent lectures Hank on customer service, the inspector tells Brent that the pumps are leaking and are a level 5 health hazard to which he shrugs. On Main Street, now in tight police bike uniforms, Davis rides a bike while Karen walks hers. Davis is worried that that people will think he's showing off his body and as he starts to ride fast, Karen convinces him that they'll be more in touch with the community if they walk their bikes.

Way out of line.
At the Ruby, Wanda complains to Lacey that Corner Gas is shut down to fix the tank leak and she won't be getting paid. As the farmer insults Lacey again, she admits to not showing enough enthusiasm for the air show but isn't going to overreact as it always gets her into more trouble. After Lacey puts up a CF-18 poster in the Ruby, Emma and Oscar believe she's only made the situation worse. In front of Corner Gas, Brent and Wanda meet Davis on his bike and Karen who's running alongside, claiming her bike is locked. As Davis opines that Karen is deriding "his" bike idea, she believes it isn't effective in a rural area. A car goes speeding by and in vain, Davis chases after it. Brent checks out Hank's corn stand which is doing brisk business. Hank rebukes Brent for being negligent with the pumps and hires Wanda to help him instead of Brent.

S02E16-Corn stand.jpg
Had to go with the most qualified applicant.
On a deserted road, Karen tries riding her bike but can't. With the bank closed and unable to get cash, at the Ruby, Brent is unsuccessful getting a loan from Emma. Lacey tells them she bought tickets for school kids to go to the next air show but pointing out this means fewer tickets for them, Brent and Emma ask Lacey why she's trying to prevent them from going. At the Police station, Davis tells Karen about a window broken by kids but she refuses to bike there with him, claiming she has a twisted ankle. At the Ruby, as Lacey frets over the air show situation, Brent tells her people have moved on. However, Oscar and the farmer insult Wes for having the Liquor store open on a Dominion Day, which hasn't been celebrated since 1982.

S02E16-Brent Emma.jpg
There's fewer seats for us.
Oscar catches Karen trying to ride her bike and, doesn't believe she doesn't know how to and thinks she's drunk. At the corn stand, in a reversal of the usual, Brent asks Hank for a loan. Hank replies with one of Brent's retorts which brings a "Scorch! Pow!" from Wanda. Oscar helps Karen learn to ride and mentions that Brent didn't like to ride bikes. However, he doesn't tell Karen that he accidentally ran over Brent's bike when he was a child. At the Dog River Hotel, Brent, Lacey and Paul think Hank is joking when he offers to buy the next round. With extra money from the corn stand, Hank wants to buy a truck stereo but Brent suggests he buy turkey jerky and knows who he can buy the jerky from. Lacey takes this as advice to overreact to the air show situation.

S02E16-Oscar Karen bike.jpg
You're like the son I never had.
At the Ruby, Lacey phones the Snowbirds and lying that a boy in the hospital wants to see them, they promise a fly-by over Dog River. Lacey tells Brent she's planning a surprise. At the farm of Kirk Berkley, Hank makes fun of "Berkley" rhyming with "turkey jerky" and a deal is struck in which Hank gives Kirk $500 cash for 60 boxes of jerky with a promise that Brent pay the remaining $1500 if Hank can't. At the Ruby, a giddy Lacey tells Emma and Oscar that something special will be going over their heads at noon. Having learned to ride her bike, in front of the Police station, Karen convinces Davis she wants to ride with him. While he goes inside to change, Karen's bike is stolen and when Davis returns, he thinks Karen is toying with him.

S02E16-Lacey giddy.jpg
The service is getting worse here.
At noon at the Ruby, Lacey asks everyone to come outside and watch the sky. After waiting a while and becoming bored, Fitzy arrives and tells everyone Hank's corn stand is on fire. Lacey can't prevent everyone leaving and she's the only one who sees the Snowbird's spectacular aerial demonstration. Everyone is disappointed with the fire until the corn starts to pop. Davis and Karen arrive late on Davis' bike resulting in Fitzy telling them to use the police cruiser again. Karen spots her bike on the road but Oscar accidentally backs over it with his car.

S02E16-Sky watching.jpg
Any minute now.
Without the corn stand income, Brent is forced to pay the remaining $1500 owed on the turkey jerky and tries to sell it at Corner Gas. Hank arrives with a new stereo in his truck, thanks to insurance he took out on the corn stand. At the Ruby, the Snowbirds arrive and asking to see the boy who was in the hospital, Lacey lies that he died. The Snowbirds leave in five cars which do a fancy maneuver that impresses Davis and Karen until Davis sees they've run over his bike.

S02E16-Jerky boxes.jpg
This'll muddy our brand.


  • The episode is dedicated to the memory of Captain Miles Selby, a Snowbird pilot who was killed on December 10, 2004 when two jets crashed in mid-air during a routine practice near Mossbank, Saskatchewan.
  • Canadian Forces Base Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan is home to the Snowbirds.
  • Davis mentions kids broke a window at Lumsden's farm. This is the same farm Davis shot crows at. ("The Brent Effect")
  • As Lacey calls the Snowbirds for a fly-by over Dog River, Brent plays with a Roger Aldag bobblehead.
  • Brent complains when Hank steals his joke "Is this like your official greeting now" which Brent first used on Hank as he asked for a loan to pay off jaywalking tickets. ("Hero Sandwich")
  • Producer and writer Paul Mather plays two roles, the Inspector and the pilot at the episode's end. Mather's name is embroidered on his Snowbird's flight suit beside the number "8."


"You stayed open during the Air Show? The one day of the year when we people on the ground pay respect to the people of the sky."
―Oscar to Lacey
"Geez, if somebody came chasin' after me wearin' those shorts, I'd run too."
―Brent about Davis


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